Youtube binaural beats

Do youtube binaural beats actually work and if not then where do you get yours?


Well they work to get into a trance. And you can search for guided meditation too.


ok thanks, that’s all i need to know.

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Yeah they work, but it’s pace is slow and you won’t even recognize that will work.
Look for solfeggio frequencies.



I use an app called idoser and their binaural beats have always worked well for me…

Idoser, is that available in play store?

What’s that

Yes. I had it on an andriod phone and now on the iphone, they also have it on the regular internet and I believe offer a few from the website for free download on computers…

It’s the universal frequencies,
It’s used to increase your vibration, there are 9 types of frequencies. Depending upon your goals you can use.