Yourself in your visualization

Hi guys!
Quick question regarding visualization. When you gaze at the sigil to open it, you -sometime- have to visualize the outcome of whatever you want. When you want something that includes you, do you visualize the situation as if you were there (as in a FPS, for the lack of better exemple) or do you visualize yourself as if you were observing yourself (as if you were watching a video of yourself)?

Thanks guys!:

Usually, I visualize the end result as if I am there experiencing it thru my own eyes. I never have really visualized as if watching myself in a movie. I just let the visual take on a mind of it’s own and that’s how it always happens. Same thing with my dreams, they are always so vivid that I am seeing thru my own eyes as if actually there instead of watching myself from a distance.

My case is both different and similar to Ravensascent.

Similar,in the sense that I’ll let the visualization take me and not overthink it.Similar,in the sense that what comes into my mind,is what I’m going with.

Different,in the sense that in a large portion of my visualizations,I’m observing myself,objectively.

I believe,however,that experiencing it subjectively is MORE EFFECTIVE.Because it gives you access to the emotions therein,faster.

FPS mode for me. I’m also a stickler for including tactile and auditory elements in my visualization, which I honestly think makes a big difference.

^This. We are always advised to ‘connect’ with the visualization, with the outcome, with the image. But people think (including me), how the fuck do I ‘connect’ with an image! How do humans connect? Through touch :wink: The imagined feeling of touching something, holding it in your hands, is an excellent way to stir up the necessary emotions needed for success.

Sometimes there are exceptions but for -sigil- visualizations, at least, I go for third-person, with the perspective usually of being ‘above’ the image of myself. My dreams are often enough third-person, too, I’d hazard a guess at 50/50 between that and first-person. Damn, I’m not even the -consistent- kind of crazy…