Your Opinion Is Needed

What’s the most interesting topics you would want to see in an occult book/course/product.

What needs to be included?


What are occult books/products missing that you want to see?

Your ideas and opinions will be very interesting and appreciated!

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Missing the actually treat ment of these spirits…

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Books that give deeper understanding how rituals and workings work mechanically and systematically.
Imo there is too less info on the, call it ‘technical’ side of practice instead of just formulas.


I concur with Marticus. It seems no one wants to teach the whys and the systematic methodology that is used in crafting a ritual, beyond of course a basic junior high school outline format. Never have I seen a book or treatise published that covers the shows and why fors of Rituals.


Gah! I’m always making a mental note about all kinds of things within the “Occult Realm” where I feel as though the information is lacking. I suppose it’s called Occult for a reason haha! Yet now faced randomly with this question I find it hard to remember everything haha! You know, one thing that drives me crazy is that there is so little information out there regarding the 72 Goetia. As I begin to work my way through I do my very best to find as much information possible about each individual Deamon. I’ve bought book’s only to be let down by re-hashings of the same old information. There is a book or two that are a slight cuts above the rest, but it always feel like I’m left wanting more. And of course there’s always a run down of what each Deamons specialities are. The thing about that is often times those specialities are beyond outdated, and a lot of times repeated amongst many of the Deamons. What if there is a Deamon out there who is especially adept at all thing’s technology related? It would be silly not to think that a timeless, boundless god would not possess talents beyond what we’ve ever considered. I feel like these powerful entities have so very much to offer the modern world beyond these pitiful “resumes” we see over and over again. Not only that, but what is offered on their very personalities usually comes from a Judeo-Christian mindset, really only meant to put fear into the magician. All one has to do is read through the many topics regarding these Deamons on this forum to see that there is so much more to these incredible individuals. There are real and meaningful relationships waiting to be forged. They really have so much more to offer beyond what has been written out there. Now there is a little bit more out there on some of the more well known Deamons, but it would be amazing to have something comprehensive on all of them across the board that we as practitioners could turn to for knowledge and reference. I think if someone had the time, energy, and patience that they could possibly compile mordern day magicians accounts and dealings with these entities, and catalogue the similarities that are found there in. It would probably be beneficial for the author/researcher of such an undertaking to evoke/invoke each of the 72 personally (perhaps with the help of a medium or an adept in automatic writing if need be) and ask for a personal biography from each. It would also be great to have a wider selection of each Deamons preferences as well. I was reading a. Mans account with Murmur where he wrote about Murmur appearing to him as an armless skeleton with his crown cocked to one side; and I read another womens account of working with King Paimon and how he prefers her salty sweet pancakes and Pomegranate juice as an offering! It always makes me think of the old adage “As above, so below”, it really applies in so many ways. These Deamons are individuals. They all have personal likes and dislikes. What if Bune likes other incense besides Sandalwood? Wouldn’t this kind of knowledge only serve to help us deepen our understanding, and our relationships with these entities? If such a resource existed I know I would refer to it often. I would probably have all kinds of notations written along the sides, and sticky notes poking out from the page’s. It would be right up there with my Grimoires and Journals in terms of use. Personally I would love to create this myself, but I still have a long way to go before I reach a place where I can really turn all of my intentions towards such an immersive undertaking. And obviously while doing my own work one on one with the Goetia, I will learn and ask questions as I go. Yet I know I am not the only one who would benefit from such a resource, especially beginners. A piece of advice I see given over and over agian to those just starting out, is to research the entity before you evoke/invoke. Any way, that’s just my two cents. If anything else I think would be of value pops back into mind, I’ll return and jot it down. I hope that’s helpful.

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@Murderousness I absolutely agree. I would love to see more in depth descriptions of the spirits office and capabilities, as well as what the goals and agenda of the spirit is. All anyone talks about is the Grimoires, and virtually nobody ever really bothers to ask the spirit how far the rabit hole of it’s nature goes. Let alone records the info. Most people just want favors and stuff it seems (there is nothing really wrong with that BTW I’m not judging anyone just stating a pet peeve)

Also, I feel that many people are missing a gold mine. Virtually no one I have ever met online or IRL works with or even knows much about the spirits in Franz Bardon’s Book of Spirit evocation. There is over 500 spirits in that book, and I’m surprised that a grimoire of that magnitude is not being explored by more magicians.

Explaining the difference between manifestation and presumed manifestation. A lot of people get lost in believing that because it worked for someone else it is the end all for them.

As far as needs to be included :
Sensory awareness exercises and basic meditation techniques. The basic are the most important in any practice.

Missing books? One that’s completely different than the common core that we’ve been flooded with because everyone read LaVey or Crowley as a kid. [sorry if that sounded rude but it’s true. Every book I’ve read recently about the occult has been EXACTLY the same.]

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