Your mood and spells

So let’s say you perform a successful evocation and make a request that is accepted by the spirit. Let’s further say that you have successfully forgotten about the spell (i.e., detached yourself from the outcome). But after all of that, you become angry for a sustained period of time at things not related to the spell. Can your mood destroy the work? Or would that only happen if your negative mood is related to the spell?

No, it shouldn’t mess with anything. I have a current spell in progress but have also been completing some mergings and temporary possession work as well and it made me a little pissy due to what I was having the spirit do for me, okay it made me go full on bitch, let’s just say. And my spell is still working just fine, in fact I was also worried about my anger burst destroying my outcome but last I checked, not only is the spell still working but I saw a major step towards final progress the other day.

However, I told myself, I will NOT let my emotions affect this outcome, I will NOT fail because of this minor set back and it helped, and also put me into full blown CANNOT fail mode.

It shouldn’t affect it if it’s not related. Most of us on here who get reliable results through magick are not pacifists, nor so indifferent to the world that we never feel angry - that’s for the mystics and the yogis.

People who say anger is always bad and is a “lesser” emotion are usually about to pull some stunt that anyone with a brain would get angry ABOUT, like asking for tithes or demanding that you respect them as a guru and a guide, or maybe just sell you on some apathy-inducing RHP claptrap…

I think it could screw you. The only thing we really have control over is oursleves, and if you can’t do that, your magic will suffer as a result.

I think that belief it would affect you, will definitely screw you - if you built similar faith in the idea that if you ever eat a radish again, it will totally bind all your abilities, then guess what would happen if you ate a radish salad?

That’s my 2¢, I was getting amazing results drinking 1 or 2 bottles of wine a night, feeling out of control over that and also crying myself to sleep most nights, generally feeling fucked, but I was doing the work and had absolute focus and faith in myself.

Hey man, sometimes it happens. It appears the spirit has betrayed you, or that you really aren’t seeing any progress. You gotta be dettached and repeat the working. Don’t sweat it. What I do when I run into this sort of dead end?

  • Banish and preparatory stuff to any ritual.

  • Repeat enn of spirit for 9 times, offer some incense, say hello and leave.

  • Do for 9 days. Or 3.

Usually reinforces the work of the spirit, but keep in mind we sometimes are not very realistic or patient about our goals. Take for instance what dear Lucifer did to me when I asked him to reveal instructions of sustainable electrical power… He made a very familiar book manifest in his hand and told me I need classes. It was my basic chemistry and physics book from high school.

You can probably imagine my face when instead of dictating such secrets to me he basically told me to go get schooled.