Your money-lottery sigil experiences? and sigil related questions

What are your money experiences with sigils?
What´s the most you got from sigils magick?

I know that for money magick to work there must be paths for money flow. People speak about checks, customers and sales increases, etc. but, is lottery -one of the many daily lotteries all over the world- one of these paths for money to manifest?

Also, an important question: it is said that sigil magick can bring to manifestation what you ask even in an abrupt mode, so if you ask for money, it can sometimes manifest in unpleasant manners, so it is said is better to concrete the paths through wich money should be manifested, in a non disrupting style. Many spells contain the formula no harm to none or similar, in order anybody can´t be damaged by the spell, but, what can be this formula applied to such short and brief expression as a sigil is?

I look forward hearing from you!

A couple of houndreds…

What do you think about the need of a way for money to manifest being fulfilled by playing lottery? it is said that if your job is not scalable, money flow is very difficult. So, does money magick, in such circumstances manifests through lottery?

I am also interested in: How do you delimit in a sigil the focus, and energy of the sigil in order nodody could be harmed by the effects?