Your life after Magic

Being new to this great club, I have many questions, and excited to learn.

One of them is, how did your life change when you begun immersing yourself in magick? Did life continue normally, or did you become a totally different person?

How did you emotions, thoughts and intellect evolve?

Im sorry if this is a personal question, but Magick is obviously not for the average Joe, so things must be different? Right?

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There will be shakeups in your astrological house, but as you work through it, it gets beautiful :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply! I had to google astrological house, time to go do some research thank you.

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This is from my path (for the most part), this may help explain the houses bit.
A short primer: Personal houses, financial houses, intellectual houses. Four houses from each of angular, ducceedent or cadent houses are “tested” by grade initiations.


Thank you very much, I will watch the video.

I will watch it after my shower, thank you.

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Um its like BALG

U xhance in all ways. From looking a sex spell. Fast money spell conyroling stuff ans spending weeknds in home. Like a hobby