Your favourite demon to work with

I like Marquis Amon a lot right now
He could be stern/serious for sure

How is that going actually ?
if you’re working with Lucifuge Arn’t you supposed to be a millionaire by now , some where in Croatia on yatch?

One thing I’ve realised throughout this platform ,is that I keep seeing the same names . The 72 goetia . There are like a billion Demons . But still the most common names are the 72. And as I always say , RUN AWAY from the most famous and common names.

I know yall are gonna crucify me for this , but guys there’s something fishy about the 72 goetia and its entire system . Could it be possible that they are Egregores ? Cause there are demons who are at the bottom of the hierarchy . But damn do they Really Perform & give great results more than these names I hear here . Even normal gnomes , and other earth creatures are literally performing more than the names I hear here.

Has anyone actively seemed to work with other more powerful entities than just demons ? I’ve heard that even water demons/spirits have a lot of power.

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I have been forced to like them but Vepar

Please elaborate more by “forced” to love them

They just came to me over and over again even though I denied them… overtime I was forced to like them because they would not leave me alone. They came to me something like 50 times over 3 weeks. I kept denying them but they just kept coming back.

And have they actually helped you get actual tangible results in your physical life ? Or your story is similar to 80% of the people ?

And I’m not talking about , they helped you harm a person or helped make people fear you . I’m talking about actual tangible results with your career and your material success ?

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The relationship is in it’s very beginning stages but yes I have noticed results. I go outside more, more confident, feel better and more.

Hey, you’d be interested in this thread
I write about why many people have shitty lives despite working with angels / demons who could grant them anything

Im confused tho, so why can we do baneful magick with Angels if they want everyone involved to be happy.

Who says you can?

So we can’t?

So what was the Angels of Wrath for? Enlighten me. I am a newbie.

And “shamn” proceeds to say exactly what doesn’t matter . 80% of people who are left hand path always talk about petty “results”’ like this .

Guys that is Not a result…You can literally walk down the road and go see a psychologist and get the same results within a week. No need to evoke a whole demon King because you’re bipolar and anti social. Just watch motivational videos on YouTube

Why evoke a powerful demons to just to make you “Go outside more often”. Just walk out the door instead of summoning all of hell .And then they proceeed to give public praise as if the demon gave them wings

It’s not right and I feel like moderators should monitor this and warn people. Because there are so many beginners messing with dangerous demons over something they could’ve achieved though simple meditation or motivational videos

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You can , GOM and Henry archer have written books about it cursing people using angels . But Rabbi Salomo Baal-Shem adviced against it , he said that you should never use angels for baneful purposes .

Because you will have to face the Angels of Severity , whom by law are ordered to return the curse to you seven fold .


To me it is result. The goal of LHP is self-improvement… I could ask vepar for money and stuff but I am really not interested. In case you did not know, most demons specifically hate when you ask for material stuff from them or are material-minded. In my case, kundalini awakening has made material stuff non-interesting to me.

But as a test, next time I will ask vepar to make me filthy rich and I will see how it goes.


ask him to send some my way too ^ _ ^

On a more serious note: why can’t the goal of LHP be both self improvement AND material gains? without money some people don’t eat well, or have decent housing…if demons can do even the slightest thing to help then I’d call that very useful.


Yea and also it’s important to know people are widely different. Not everyone will work with demons for material gain, some simply want to improve their lives. I don’t need to go to therapist to improve my life, I could ask the demon and make the relationship stronger. Everytime you interact and ask a demon of something, you improve the relationship.


Don’t even go there , the whole “I don’t want money or material assets” . I’ve decoded this lie/excuse amongst so many people.

We are living in a world where money is equivalent to oxygen . Without money you can’t eat , you can’t buy cosmetics , electricity, water , clothing or pay for your phone bill & wifi . EVERY human needs shelter , and without assets or money you won’t have shelter . So don’t try use that excuse/lie

If you’ve got kids, a family , a house , a car and a life . You will know the importance & necessity of money & material assets. Only people living in their mother’s basement say this because they don’t know the pressure of being late on rent or falling short on a mortgage payment. That’s how people who don’t own anything speak

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