Your favorite/most beautiful/special cards & divination tools 🔮

Hello Readers!

I would love to see photos of your cards - Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand etc. :camera_flash:

Photos of pendulums and others divination tools would also be interesting :crystal_ball:

Which ones are your favorites or which ones are most beautiful or special? :hibiscus:

Why do you have a special connection to them or favor them? :trophy:

Are there any interesting or fascinating stories to tell about them? :blue_book:

Would be happy if you’d like to share :slight_smile:


My intuition and emotional guidance system ,

My favorite tarot deck is the Tarot of Vampyres by Ian Daniels, because it is Thoth based (despite the box saying that is Rider Waite based), it comes with a great book, has Qabalistic lore in relation to vampyres, illustrations are great and the author wrote delicious personalities for the court cards that actually are like people. It’s a dark deck that has actual depth.

My most beautiful tarot deck is the Marseille Cat Tarot, but I’m unable to read it because of its mixed nature of Merseilles and Rider Waite and zero Thoth references

My most special cards is my Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley, I have the large edition. It has been tainted by my relationship with a Scarlet Woman, thus all the meanings are about her, much like Chinese people have expresions about horses because of Mongolians. It has been used so much by me that the grease of my hands has darkened the sides of the cards.


My fave deck (so far) out of every deck I own is the Lenormand Blue Owl edition (6-7 bucks). Its always on point, even with oddly specific things and its more of a “straight facts” tool for me (I am not a fan of “ethereal” approaches when it comes to my divs, if that makes sense. Give me cold hard facts and very practical solutions and I am in. This deck provides it for me).
I never wanted to go into divinations, tbh. I bought it out of boredom because I had to wait for someone and I landed in a bookstore.
Now its my golden standard tool for almost everything. I bought other divination cards in the process but nothing is so on spot for me to read like this little bad boy. (Two days ago I received a set of Kipper Cards and they feel already quite familiar to me, maybe it will be a good co-option for strictly person related readings, too)


@Oddnan Interesting. Not so many people on this forum seem to do Lenormand.
I heard about this deck - I think it’s like a „beginners deck“, right? But I also made the experience, that the „oldest and easiest“ decks bring the best results.

I‘d love to see photos from all your decks and tools.


I don’t know what would qualify as a “beginners deck”, to be honest :slight_smile: I just know that they speak in a different way to me than for example a Rider Waite Tarot deck or other divination cards (which was the reason I wasn’t into card divination in the first place, it looked all very mythical to me in a way in which I couldn’t relate). I only know that they work for me really really good.

I meant that lots of people recommend this blue owl deck for people who want to start reading Lenormand Cards, I think. At least I saw it’s few times :slight_smile: Maybe it’s because it’s so good :blush:

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Ah, I misunderstood then. I don’t know, I just picked it because it was there and I had spare money :sweat_smile: Maybe the “minimalistic” design can be helpful to learn the system (if I am not totally wrong, the blue owl edition is rooted in Mlle. Lenormands original designs which had been found in her estate. But on the other hand this claim was made in the 20’s or so…) before one moves on to more “complexer” symbolism

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The Enochian Skrying Tarot. It is a deck of which both sides of the cards are printed - so it’s two decks in one. I use the Enochian side in the Watchtower Ritual (as it has the Watchtowers on them) and not for divination.
The other side of the cards is called the Western Tatva deck. This I have dedicated to the angel Arzel, and I use it exclusively to ask him questions via 1 card divinations.
It’s a great set of cards and this feature of it being two seperate decks is really cool.

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My dosing rods have been a real help for me. They have been pretty accurate with simple stuff. Sometimes they haven’t been totally accurate but more accurate than not.

I have the Adorabssyal Oracle deck by PixelOccult and I love it. It’s small yet it’s really great. My first and favorite Oracle deck!

My favorite Tarot deck is my Golden Thread Deck. Beautifully gold foil cards and I love the readings and imaginary on it. I was drawn to when I first saw it!

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I have two Lenormand decks but not the owl one.
One very simple and a one I find very beautiful, can post photos later.

That’s interesting! I never heard of it but two decks in one is an interesting idea. Also I Love decks with beautiful backs!