Your attention please!

Full disclosure I am high off of my recent evocation of Lucifer (details my come later) but I want to say something.

First off, I love y’all. I have grown to absolutely love this community. You all are seeking truth and though our paths may vary I deeply respect each and every one of you who are honestly looking for truth.

Second, I see a lot of people who are attempting to spread doubts about E.A 's methods. This has been happening for a while and will probably continue as E.A. and BALG grow. Let me tell you, E.A.'s methods work. I have a ton of entries in my magical journal to prove it to myself (you can PM me for details if you really want.) The thing I want to drive home is that magic works regardless of the brand you use.

I have seen success from Kingdoms Of Flames as I have seen success from R.O.'s Modern Angelic Grimoire. The big secret is that YOU as the magician need to learn to connect with the current of the system you are using in a way that makes this current real to you.

Magic does not fail, people do.

I have had success with Sastan as I have had success with Tzaphkiel and Raphael. The point I want to make is that magic works. I see a lot of newer people pick up one brand of Magic and become disheartened because others mock them. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPENS TO YOU! Find what works for you and stick with it.

For Magic’s sake, don’t give up on your pursuits (that are working) because of what someone said on the internet.

Stay frosty,

Well said Orismen!

Congrats and well said sir, can’t wait to hear about the Lucifer evocation.

Just to second Orismen’s comment just remember you are the magick. In whatever form or current you perform it in. Don’t get bogged down with dogma and rules (within reason of course). Many tend to treat magick as a religion thumping grimoires like they were bibles and using the same logic as well. Find what resonates and run with it and don’t worry about what others think, your magick is yours to experience.

Well said!!

My problem with Magicians in general, especially online: that to empower their own beliefs they often bring down the belief system of others. Strangely enough they often succeed. So well said indeed, and hopefully a signal to most that Magick isn’t just something you need to do before you can judge, it is something you need to lose yourself in wholly. Only then can you compare one system to another and see the truth.

Full disclosure, I am high off my morning wake and bake.

[quote=“Orismen, post:1, topic:3647”]Let me tell you, E.A.'s methods work.

I have seen success from Kingdoms Of Flames as I have seen success from R.O.'s Modern Angelic Grimoire. T

I have had success with Sastan as I have had success with Tzaphkiel and Raphael.[/quote]

I’ve seen successful results from systems based on the card game Uno to ones based on My Little Pony. Anything can work.

Problem is, when anything can work, when it does start working those using it often mistakenly think it’s because their system is special, when truth is any old system will do. Then they stick to a very narrow path which excludes all the other endless possibilities.

The problem I think most people have with EA’s work is that it’s all demons, all the time, and a lot of people just aren’t into that. My magic is based largely on dream work, and people roll their eyes whenever I get into my dream analogies in the same way I’m sure people roll their eyes when EA starts talking about demons.

Speaking of dream analogies, dream control is another area where any system can and does work. They just don’t all necessarily work for everyone. I saw someone post a great dream stabilization technique which involved putting on glasses. That’s great if you wear glasses, but useless for everyone else. Those without a penchant for the demonic aren’t really going to be able to relate to EA’s work. Sure, you could take the time to build up those systems from scratch, but honestly you’d be better off finding something you have an affinity with (what I believe to be the essence of chaos magic).

The other big thing I think puts people off is the culture of selling magic around here. It offends me to my very core, much like the Diablo 3 auction house. I don’t mean EA’s publishing engine, I mean the people selling 50 thousand demons and king demons. Y’all can eat a bag of demon dicks. I see so many people here paying for simple magic they really should know how to perform themselves. Especially when it come to things like making your own magical tools.

I’m not into evocation at all, at least not the way you guys do it. I’ll drop a name around other people as an inference point, much like Darren Brown does in this clip to convince some guy he wants a BMX bike.

My interest in this site is because it’s somewhat of an oddity with it’s narrow focus and activities. Yes, any system can work, and enough people have dedicated themselves to following it here to get results. EA’s system might not be my cup of tea, but I like seeing the different ways people interpret and apply it.

Well said, the evocation of lucifer must have affected you in a great way… liberating some would say. Can’t wait to hear about it

Isn’t that the essence of niche marketing though?

There are plenty of guys into the lighter end of magick and no real gaps in the market there, and I like Michael Ford’s stuff well enough, but it seems a little like it’s aimed solely at the Luciferian thing, which I’m not defining myself as, whereas EA’s stuff’s much more open to adaptation, including using these methods with any kind of entity.

Magick reminds me a lot of sex, the majority of the powerful stuff is being felt by the people involved, and to portray it accurately you either need to have a degree of staginess, or accept that what’s profound and meaningful on the magickal level looks like someone just spaced out and lost in their own sensations…

I think we’re mostly spoiled and those of us who were into any type of magick before the internet need to remember what a paradise we live in, whereby we can sit on our butts watching actual evocations, invocations podcasts chewing the fat about various topics, I mean that goes for the entire internet but magick especially, and this site has hours of material on YouTube there for the asking.

(Same with sex and the watching of it, of course - from buying expensive and borderline illegal tapes from the dirty bookshop miles away, to typing the first letter of your favourite site into your browser, as you sit snug and private at home…)

I was never a regular at the dirty book store, but for magickal work, I had an insatiable curiosity, and the best I had for years was Hammer horror movies and Dennis Wheatley books!

Thanks for the encouraging words Orismen (and TWF).
I really needed to hear this.

It’s people like you and others on this forum that has kept me pursuing my godhood even when things are looking bad (which they are at the moment)

I truly thank you for this and can’t wait to hear about your experiences with Lucifer!


Here’s to BALG! I love it here too =D!

I myself am looking forward to my upcoming conjuration of Lucifer, who has always been my favourite deity.

I’m stoked to hear about your experiences with Lucifer as well!