Your Angel, Demon or God of choice

When you decide its time for Baneful Magick, who are you most likely to call on … and why is this Being your ‘favorite’? I’ll admit I am fairly ‘new’ at the darker side of Magick, so I’m “picking your brain” to add to my scant knowledge… :wink: Zoe

Ok you’re about to get a fun fact about me in this one. I’m a twin but my brother died when we were a month old and he actually kind of guided my practice when I first started out and I’ve noticed throughout the years that if someone was giving me a hard time I could get him to make their life hell and in some cases he drove the person straight to the loony bin. He’s been a constant help to me all my life but other than that I’ve found that I don’t really use other beings all that much unless I want them to be completely messed up in a really profound life ruining way.

The demons astaroth and murmur, they usually make the victim commit suicide.

I don’t really have any enemies that I feel are worthy of being destroyed right now (well there are politicians, but since alot of them also use the occult I think I’ll wait until I’m more advanced before challenging them), but if I were to use baneful magic on someone, I would probably use one of the dudes I have pact with. Can’t give his name, but one of his roles is a spiritual assassin.

I LOVE THIS! This is a truly Magickal story, Kitari … thanks for sharing it! :wink: Z

I’m glad someone else said this… calling on a deity/spirit/whatever isn’t always necessary. Hoodoo/conjure provides many avenues for workings such as this and they require little more than your concentration/intent/energy.

Of Course1 You are right, Cheezus! And that’s exactly what this Forum is all about - expanding our Knowledge & Understanding … showing us different perspectives, options & shiny new Ideas. I mean seriously, I would not have thought of a twin sibling. How RICH is that!!! (And now I’m jealous - can’t think of a more delightful companion!) :wink: Z

Bits of their own belief system, for example this Christian guy was having a go at me (not on an occult forum) and I did a working that involved nails and the whole persecution complex some Xians have (I know and respect some, but he was a bad man) and it worked, last I heard things were going from bad to worse for him and all within that line of poverty, persecution, and that “turning father against son” stuff from their Bible.

The important thing is someone has less defence against their own belief system and maybe won’t even see it as an attack since on some level they believe that the bad thing befalling them is “meant to be” - this is why I try and keep myself clean of all limiting beliefs though obviously that’s easier said than done!

I usually invoke spirits of the dead. They can really do a number on a person’s mental health!