Your already awake. Just weak

I realized something day.

Everyone is always looking for that one thing to awakwn them or open a chakra or a power etc.

The fact is your already open, awake, etc. But your just not using it enough.

Im my study. I realized that the mundane is magicial and vice verse.

Just as you can be physically strong but have very little endurance or very agile and very little strength.

You can have a strong sense in one area and not another.

So instead of teying to do the exercises to open your third eye. Just use your third eye.

Example. Many of us can see the static in the air. The faint glow or halo around trees people etc. Your already seeing energy. Your sight is just not as strong as you want.

Try to spend time allowing yourself to see the energy. Slow down if you have too.

I can feel the slight twitch in my eyes as i allow myself to focus more on the energy waves around me. (Note it is a bit like a relaxed focus. The same way you do when your trying to see your aura)

Do it in regular life. Make it a habit. It is a muscle you need to work out