Your Abremelin Experience

Hello EA. I was curious as to what your experience was with The Abremelin. I remember reading you completed the operation. So I was hoping to achieve insight regarding the working as I will be undergoing it asap.

Crowley states that once K&C of The HGA is achieved that any working not involving the HGA is considered “black magick” and abomination. When you do rituals do you conversate with your HGA before doing it? How does one continue on the path to Godhood if one has already gained the Knowledge and Conversation?

Basically what im asking is, if one completes the operation(K&C with HGA), what does that do with the magicians ascent? Limit it, because if one would have to go through a “Higher diety”, its still a “right hand path”?


I removed all answers to this question (and others) because it’s up to E.A. to give answers; the intended goal of this topic is not to discuss each other’s questions, as said before.