You win a "Head Fuck"!

well, I can’t play nice any more, too fatighued for it. They sent the cops to our house, nothing but a warning came of it. But I have no energy left too do nothing so i am working on a “technically” non death- ‘may you hate your life forever and enjoy the pain snacks’ spell. I have afew working plans, Going to take about a month to implement things; cranking the hose clamps of misery around their necks bit by bit. I would love to hear yoour ideas. I know FEAR is the base their lives are built on, so going to exacerbate tht as badly as possible.
Going after their squalid little rotting vegetables biz-
However, this is where I am knowledgless— i live about 2 miles from the Bell Witch cave. It has a great reputation that if you so much as pick up a pebble and take it home— you would rather have a rabid badger down your pants. Well, they are really all “Better homes and gardens best yeard on the block” gig. What sucks is I really think it is kinda cute, sad to see it go-ahem. Does anyone have a clue how I may be able to ‘relocate’ as many rocks, stones-- leaves, {because who would suspect leaves as vectors of hell?}. without incurring the bad mojos from the entities which love to give hell to those with ‘Sourveniers’.
He kinda likes decorative stones and stuff, so he likely would not even pay attn. to afew rocks decoratively placed.
is it even doable, and how could I make sure they go for him and not me?
Wierd questions I know. But I feel like fukn prisoner because of these freaks-.
luckily they have been canvasing the neighborhood telling people how horrible we are [shit the truth is worse than their fkn lies-o well] who all call me and tell me how they verbally bodyslammed them and sent them away with their tails up their ass. [it pays to be the doggy santa/toys r us- and deliver unexpected cakes cookies and etc just 'cuz it is cool to do]
Any ideas how things would be so thankful.
Speed and Power


If your determined to use the energies or entities of that cave you could try evoking them while your there and petition them to work with you toward this goal.

There are also rites of binding and blinding so their bound to specific states in the living experience (destitution,misery,poverty,insanity,weakness, and LIFE ect) and then blind to all paths that could lead them out of this living hell.

This one is pretty nasty too funno if ya have the anthology 3 book but the video has some good ideas.

Happy hunting.


I’m sorry to hear these assholes can’t leave you be :frowning:
I do dig the stones idea… I’m one who would befriend the animals at a pet cemetery and ask one to haunt a couple of bitches like this. :smiling_imp:

I think evoking the cave spirits and trying to befriend them or make an arrangement so you can take some stones and transfer the curse to your neighbors would be an excellent idea.
You could also gain some allies in the long term.

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My dogs ain’t even fixed and they are 9 years old. Fixing is a barbaric act, just like circumcision. I won’t do it.

Besides, my dogs are perfectly well trained. They know how to handle them self.


In this case I respectfully disagree.
Have you seen the.pain a female dog goes through when in heat? Or the stress a male dog goes through trying to get a an unfixed female?

It is something they can not control and which puts their mind in shambles.

Let’s look at a cat. A female cat goes through much worse. Why do you think they cry? They don’t want the males finding them and raping them, which is what normally happens, but their biology won’t let them stay quiet.

I’ve seen the violence a male dog or cat can do to another animal all because they still have a set of useless balls.

All animals are like this I understand but these are animals we have already perverted and now we are letting them over populate to spread disease and early death to their children but now we call allowing this humane and it’s barbaric to perform a simple operation to save them from this torment while living with us.


I will also say circumcision is nothing like spaying or neutering.

Circumcision has yet to be proven as medically necessary. It serves no benificial whatsoever.

Spay and neutering DO however. As I said this can prevent violence to a loved pet or that same pet causing violence. It also helps lessen the spread of disease to other animals, even “safe” ones living at home are at risk.

There is a woman on youtube who takes care of kittens and cats that come from people who feel spay and neutering is “barbaric”. Watch a newborn kitten die before it’s a week old because of birth defects THAT WERE PREVENTABLE if people gave a damn.

Contact the spirit of the place and see if you can buy some stones. Much like when you take graveyard dirt and leave some form of compensation. Explain what you are doing and see what offering might be acceptable.


Buddy ain’t fixed yet. i am dragging my feet because other than this event, he is mellow as can be. He is just over a year old, and I have always left them alone unless there is violence with the issue.
love your support and wisdom!!!


WWWow, duh! didn’t even think of that. this is going to be fun and educational! thanks!

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Sounds fantastic

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