You will never believe this...things just got strange

ok so i have my draw sigils in my book but i have originals that i printed and cut from out the paper it was printed on idk why idk why i dont remember doing this but one of my sigils lord maphus sigil was in my bathroom face up in the middle of the floor keep in mind i havent opened this one at all sooooo idk y it was in there is was in my note book in which i litarally sleep with…its just safer that way ok no judging please

Maybe that being is saying that you need to give him a call. Let us know how that goes out for you.


thats the problem since my marriage terms are not to call on male entities unless he is present (mind i dont have a problem with doing that) i cant open two at a time i end up completely drained also i dont know anything about him and i cant find much info on hi on here web or anything i feel like knowing them abit first brings you closer abit more then not n that way i know what i want to ask

Then have your husband ask, respectfully, of course.

Tiny bit of insight, male and female are not as strict as they are with us humans in the spiritual world, but do what you feel is best.

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ill ask him to talk with him cause its weird alot of strang things have been happening since i started on the lhp

The him to not have a gender when he shows up. Problem solved.

Now that I think about it, Furfur would have been smart enough to know all the work arounds. I think he left that rule open ended specifically so you’d get creative.


I didn’t think of it that way lol I’ll do that thanks that is very perceptive

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