You were never born and you have never died

Thinking back to some of the people you’ve met on this path how when you look back…you notice just how everything has lined up.
mentors, friends, allies.
They all played a roll in our Ascension.
Honestly, take time to remember the people you have met that have pushed you forward on your journey, see the connections and how they happened.
Remember the honest men and the liers.
remember the best friend and the one that disappeared from your life.
Know that all will come to play in time, nothing is a coincidence.
Your ascension is not a coincidence, it is a story that is being lived every living breathing moment, and that the choice is yours in what you want to be.
Truly just who are you?
Truly what do you want?
but what do you feel?
that’s what counts.
Carve your own path.
Remember, to be truly immortal is to look back and see the achievements you have accomplished and how they will never be forgotten by you.
Never forget the ones who have pushed you to where you are.
for that is how immortality is truly reached.


The title of your thread reminds me of the vedantic non dual sayings.

Yea, the liars and filths in the path!!! I plan to master necromancy and then pay each and every one of those by summoning their souls and shades . Even if they are in some otherworld. Just can’t get peace of mind without balancing the account. Weird conditioning of mind !!!


Great post, thank you for sharing.

Yeah we all help each other out so I suppose that balances it out :slight_smile:

Great post, basically I think the same, thanks for sharing.