"You must look for He Who Knows, once you meet Him, You Will Know"

So I think I’m being pulled out of my body by a demon or demons that I work with, and I have a difficult time understanding who is who, but it always seems to start off hyper-sexual before we get into some deep philosophical situations, and the riddles I’ve been given are what strike me as demonic, and there is just this overwhelming presence. Also, in this situation last night, there was literally this weird short film (almost like the opening of a show with music) that the man in my dream literally turned red and grew horns and it was very flashy like “I am a demon hello”

Last night I opened the door to him and he recommended me to buy some kind of… oil? some magickal ointment of some sort? He was hinting to me that he was a demon, and I already knew this, but I also didn’t at the same time. I was in a situation throughout the entire dream that I could logically understand what was happening, while my Self that was in the dream was clueless and slightly different than Me.

So then I actually turned into him and saw myself from his point of view and we started kissing. There was idea of not taking it any further than kissing just yet, because we had work to do? Something to accomplish?

He taught me these leg raising exercises. He was kind of holding my legs to help me until I developed the muscles to do them myself.

We had a really deep bond developing through the dream. We started off as strangers and became lovers. We got separated, and he spent the dream with all these other demons killing these less powerful entities that got in the way of trying to find me – it wasn’t brutal or bloodthirsty, it was in the way one swats a fly buzzing in your face.

My senses are not open enough to easily contact them directly to ask if it was them – it’s only been a few times I’ve been able to properly distinguish their words.

They felt mega powerful, and when I was trying to look for him in my dream, this person spoke to me in a voice that was loud in the way that it could be heard throughout multiple universes, and told me to look for He Who Knows, and that once I met Him, I Would Know. This was to proceed onwards toward my spiritual ascent.

I feel it could possibly be Aeshma because I just started working with him. He came to me, I spoke his name out loud when it boomed in my head. Last night I gave him an offering of my pain through exercise as an offering while picturing my ideal self and at the same time I was working on completely conquering my fear of the dark ( I was running outside at night)

Does anyone have any idea about the “you must look for He Who Knows” part?

What are the signs that one is having an OBE versus just a really lucid dream? It felt like lifetimes in my dream because literally weeks passed by as we developed a bond after meeting face to face, and this is why I ask. It feels like so much more than a dream.

Does anyone have any ideas of who this may be?

Does anyone have any personal experiences with Aeshma?

Should I just meditate on it and wait it out? I feel like some demons dislike when you call for outside help in contacting them, but I almost feel like in this case, they are trying to peel my eyes open like “Will you please just see me?” so I don’t know if I should ask if someone here can contact Aeshma for me or not.

Some general advice in regards to any of my questions will help.

I was thinking of just doing a ritual and asking Aeshma if they will come see me in my dreams to speak with me.

I have been thinking about this a lot today. It just feels like I spent weeks developing this important relationship before getting separated in our dream, and I want to go back and talk to him. It feels urgent. (So much so that I’m getting a little bit teary eyed writing this last bit and my chest has grown heavy, which I have read from a lot of people here that Lucifer tends to bring out this emotional reaction with people because of his immense power. I just don’t know at the moment. I figured at least I could write it all out, post it, take a break from thinking about it, and come back to it)

Sorry for this MASSIVE amount of text and questions


Also I think it was “once you find Him, you will know” not “meet”

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Sounds like some interesting stuff is going on in your life. I can only recommend you do what feels correct.

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Yeah, it has been very interesting. I was listening to E.A. speak outloud some chants or mantras so that I knew how to pronounce them, and I just said out loud “Aesha” – until later I was browsing online not even thinking about it and I said “AESHMA”, emphasized to correct myself, but there was no thought process behind this blurting out of his name. I know he spoke through me.

I read that Aeshma is connected to Asmodeus, but I feel speaking to Aeshma as an aspect of his own individual importance separate from Asmodeus is important here, considering that is how he introduced himself to me.

I believe I’m just going to take a ritual bath and then a ritual for Aeshma and ask to speak with him again. I think it must be Aeshma because I’m getting a lot of feelings at the moment.

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Originally I thought I only thought of his name, but i actually did speak it outloud, but because it didn’t seem like my voice, I didn’t feel like I spoke it. It was like my lips were being moved for me. It was one of the coolest things ever.

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Could be a spirit associated with knowledge or wisdom? I’m probably taking it literally.

An OBE is where you’re watching your body from outside of your body while lucid dreaming is controlling how your dream plays out.

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Yeah, that was my initial thought, but it sounded like a riddle when given to me.

Okay, thank you. Then it was an OBE, and a lot of what I thought were “dreams” actually are as well.

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So… first of all… I am NOT extremely knowledgeable on demons… but I do have a bit of intuitive insight.

I looked up the demon Aeshma… you may or may not know that this is a demon from the Zoroastrian religion. So I would suggest that you look him up through their sources if you can. It says that he is over Wrath. I’m going to attach a picture I found depicting him… which fits the description you gave…

As for turning into him and kissing yourself… this could be pointing to an inner rage or wrath that you have… some pain or trauma

that you haven’t healed from and are angry because of… so here you turn into a demon or wrath and kiss yourself… it could be telling you to face and embrace that wrath… pointing you to healing and/or pointing you to take control of the rage and channel it… control it in a way that is geared toward your intentions…

The leg raise exercises could be literal exercises to help you if the pain you are offering is in your legs… but the leg exercise could be figurative. This could be symbolic of him training you, strengthening you for what it is you are to do later on…

As for the two of you becoming lovers and he and the other demons “swatting like flies” the lesser entities… I would see being lovers as symbolic of the closeness of your relationship you are to build with him… not as literal lovers… but you will become friends, lovers, etc… in the sense of your closeness. As for the swatting, this is showing the protection that you will have as you embark upon your journey.

As for He who knows… I really am not sure on this. Although it could be referring to your inner divine nature. Each of us has a spark of divine within that if we connect to it, it will guide us (think Higher Self)… this part of us KNOWS without being told… it is when we get that familiar feeling even though this is all new to us… I would also look for refrences to or similar saying within Zoroastrian belief… it may come from there.

Like I said, I’m no expert… but these would be my best insights.

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I really appreciate you delving into this to give me an outside perspective.

Your insights feel “familiar” if that makes sense. I am a person who has a tendency towards fits of rage. I looked into him a bit after I posted this – I didn’t want to create any thoughtforms by mistake, so I didn’t read much about him yet. It is kind of hard to find information about him, though, aside from articles stating the same ideas. I don’t see him mentioned around here very often unless associated with Asmodeus, but as he presented himself to me with the name Aeshma, I must work with that aspect.

I’ll continue to meditate and sleep on it.

Thank you for the effort you put into your reply, it helped a lot!

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And the legs thing – I get that now, because the pain offering in the form of exercise has been me sprinting in the middle of the night.

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Of course! Glad I could help!

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“You must look for He Who Knows, once you meet Him, You Will Know”

You must seek knowledge first, once you gain knowledge, then progress with your rituals for success or lust.

The visions with the deity is identifying that this isn’t a dream but a message from the spirit realm and that he wants you to listen to him and that he understands you and then proceed if you want to continue to worship.

The oil recommendations are for you to heal yourself first and then find what you really want from life to move forward.

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I love it, thank you.

I think my dreams are filled with lust because it is simply something to catch my attention from the get go. I tend to lull myself to sleep by running fantasies through my mind. It’s not really something I go out of my way to accomplish with magick. The only thing I really seek at this point IS knowledge.

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Yes; I know.