You know what would be hilarious

Keep a collection of porno magazines next to your satanic altar when annoying neighbors come to visit.




Wait…you mean you don’t already do that? :thinking:

looks over at his copies of Spank Dat Ass, and Bound Women next to his altar


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I remember those!

Hell, I’m so fucking old I remember those IN BLACK AND WHITE!! Or maybe I was just too poor in a poor country to get only full color? :thinking:


just have attitude of AL Bundy from married with children to all visitors. =o) they may be old enough to laugh. lol And he loves the ‘girlie girl beer’.

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Anyone know where can I get Al Bundy’s “Big’Uns” mags for my Altar?

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Porn magazines? Man, that’s sooo old school…

I have my bdsm toys next to it. And if they’re asking, I say, my succubus is into femdom :grin:

You’ve got to see their faces!!! :grimacing:

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But you’re serious, right? :wink:

Oh I used to keep an antique set of surgerical tools, an old leather wrist brace that was used by a surgeon and a copy of Grey’s Anatomy next to mine. Was a very interesting conversation starter when nosey eyes wandered where they shouldn’t

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