..You get what you wish for


Yesterday I petitioned to the planetary god of Mercury to get my ex to text me since he seems to be in a bad place and texted me a few days ago out of the blue and said stuff that I didn’t like.

Anyways I was back to being blocked and I was gonna see if he could text me again this week.
Aaaand a few moments ago he did. Only this time he dropped allegations about me liking girls in a sexual way because I followed sooo many on instagram.
I guess you can’t follow girls on instagram only for inspiration and motivation to work out.
I got what I wish for. He did text me but with that I also got pissed off again which I did not want.

Also I wanna tell everyone that if you want someone to text you, you should definitely petition to mercury. I’ve done it a few times and the person texted me within 48 hours


Lol. Does he also keep idiots from texting you?


Lol I guess you could say that. I did petition for him to not block me again but maybe Mercury thought it was for the best that he did so again


Girl, what an asshole !
But congratulations on your magickal sucess.


This is accurate and I can relate. I used Damon Brand’s words of power to get my ex to tell me what she was really thinking on Tuesday and hours later she calls me to break up




how’d you petition him?


I used the ”tutorial: petition spell” but added my own words that felt right. I, (My name), ask, in the name of the planetary god of (whatever planetary god you want to petition to), to (state what you want). Grant me this within (time frame). I thank () for granting me this. So mote it be. Nothing too complicated