"You cannot have wealth through magic!"

What is the origin of this fallacy? Especially White-Religion based Magicians say this thing very often. For them, money magic can be used only protecting current financial status, instead of gaining a certain wealth. Btw, of course i know wealth magick don’t works instant, it’s a process. What is your opinions in this matter?


The idea that you can not obtain wealth through sorcery is bullshit.


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I’m from Turkey. Yes, Tengri is a Turkish-Turkic god. But more like a primordial god, symbolised by blue sky, formless and impersonal. He is the ancestor of all gods and creation. Just like Greek Ouranos and Sumerian Anu.


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The people that daydream day in and day out about success uses magick. They just don’t call it that. They call it visualization/imagery. Positive self talk. etc… The rich have to be fanatic about being rich. THey plan and work their as off as well as keep thinking of ways to be rich. They visualize success enough that you can call it magick because they are projecting their will onto the universe to attract opportunities. they just aren’t doing magick formally.


Ah, my speciality.
A number of reasons, one being that a lot of people are attracted to magick because they are looking for shortcuts. There are no shortcuts to becoming rich. To amass great amounts of wealth one must usually become a completely different person, transform themselves on the deepest levels. Many people don’t want to go through such a process or put that much effort into it. They just want a quick spell that makes them a millionaire and when it obviously doesn’t they give up and continue to make up excuses why people who practice magick can’t be rich, enforcing their state of being poor, making it harder and harder to ever climb out of the pit of poverty.


Money magick? It’s very subtle. I believe it works but not in the way some may think. The magick may come in the form of better prosperity in life, a job, job promotion, etc, and from there comes your increased wealth. No shortcuts as @Zyskal mentioned.


There’re exactly two ways in which an occultist, let alone a pre-dominantly RHP mage, might arrive at the conclusion in the OP: 1) Stupidity/ignorance; they may simply (and I warrant most commonly) be blitheringly unaware that effective sorcerous means to get filthy rich exist, or 2) (less plausibly but more charitably) They’re aware that the means exist but take the long view of “wealth”.


Qell i only see a book which promeses good money, wel 2 books, of hundres tat are in the market, never try tat, it was a book in amazon by a russian witch call. 13 money spells, which wad very interesting rituals,. But it was off after a few months, im still looking tat riruals tho,


I’ll be looking this up

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While I may not be rich by some peoples standards I can confidently say that in 10 years time I went from depressed and sleeping on the streets to owning my own buisness doingg what I love, driving a luxury car, Harley davidson motorcycle, my own place basically on the water in a gated community, in ground pool, and more and without magick, witchcraft, none of it would have been possible.


I can’t imagine the amount of efforts you have put though … Because from my little occult knowledge and experience money magic is not easy …


I’m sure it helps big time for @BikerVVitch as doing magick requires trust and strong willpower that you will get what you desire. That will alone can get someone to make efforts with confidence that they will make it. It’s also a great motivator to follow through with the physical world efforts. Even if he attracts the right people and opportunity. He still had to work on being a better self to accomplish things that require action. NOt to mention the time he put in learning to run a business as well. No easy feat.


“Wealth” can mean a lot of things, but excessiveness of anything is just a short bursting flame that will sure shine bright for a while, but it will also run out quickly.

With excessiveness of wealth, as in money, comes the loss of “value”. If something is easily available, the value of purchase is lost and there’s no affection to the things we get.

There’s a few examples when money is losing value, because it was accesible at an early age, so the spending goes without thoughts. The bad habit of overspending becomes a routine: You point, you get, because you know your networth tells you that you can afford it, but your bankaccount says otherwise and the IRS want their share, too.

I prefer balance in wealth, and for me, wealth is not only about money. It’s about my well being. Love, a job with enough salary to save money, and a roof over my head. And when I buy something I saved for, comes the value of purchase: I’ve earned it, I deserved it and I own it.


In my personal opinion, the “you cannot have wealth through magick” admonishment comes from the belief in a lot of RHP traditions that the magician’s focus should always be on the spiritual, not the material.

The aim of the Great Work is to Ascend to a higher level, not to get bogged down in the ego desires that are rampant among the common men.

It is similar to the way yogis tell their students to place their focus entirely on union with the Divine and to ignore the abilities they develop.


There’s 3 concept. wealth, riches and abundance. Many mix them up. Riches is more monetary material gain. wealth is being well off due to assets, business, knowledge.etc… . Abundance include all things such as family, friendships, food, etc… Being wealthy means you can make more. Being rich means lots of money but once money gone, you’ll be poor. Abundance is plentiful of everything or surplus of whatever you talk about. Hopefully i explain it a bit clear to people.


I definitely think is possible, i was a broke cocaine addict with no cash and only debt. Here i am now with a wife a daughter an appartment and no stress to pay any of my bills and not worrying about that fucking (insufficient fund) on the atm machine. 5 years of hell but faith on my power, creating opportunities for myself and taking them step by step. Want to make money first thing i alway see and what was in me to … laziness. When you accept that you are lazy and in shit and you stop putting your energy in useless and ephemeral things. You also have to be steady in your actions, it’s not Harry Potter. Need devotion, that extra chocolate bar or McDonald’s you say no. Just saved 10$ and you go on and you work on yourself. If you’re not born rich or get it from someone that dies and leave you theyre money. That is the path. Sorry for my bad english and that is only my opinion