You can literally do Magick anywhere

So I am having a super rough day. And the on place I can find peace is in my master bathroom. So here I am about to do my Halloween ritual using the side of the tub as my altar.

I want to share this just to show that you can literally do Magick anywhere or anytime even on the bathroom floor.

The point of this post is you don’t need these rooms that are just for you temple. You don’t even need all kinds of fancy tools. All you need is yourself and your intent.

Happy Halloween everyone!


I love doing them on my porch.


What book is this? :black_heart:

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It has spells and rituals for each month and certain days of the moth plus full and new moon spells and other stuff as well.


Bathtub magick. :smiley::+1:

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Yep pretty much.

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Agreed. In my opinion, one can really can do magick anywhere. If the desired ritual is firmly established in one’s mind, it can be done on a bus, an airplane, in the woods, or in a laundry room. It’s the intent and energy that matters most, rather than tools or location.