You are you

I don’t care how many degrees you have
Or what lineage you come from
Or what guru initiated you
Or how many sacred texts you’ve read

Your credentials are irrelevant

I want to dance with you
In the density

I want to feel your
Unhidden brokenness
And savor
That luminous dark place
That shines
From the cracks
In your facade

I want to see the way your eyes
Look back at me
In that place where
We share
This absurd inside joke
Of being alive

I want to see
The way you melt
Into the moment
With bravery

Don’t try to impress me, please
I want to see your honest terror
As you wobble into the unfolding
Of the moment

Knowledge cannot teach you
How to pulse
In the fertile not knowing
Of the heart

Knowledge can not reveal
The wild innocence
Of your feral, love drenched being

Knowledge cannot strip you

It can only conceal you

Your Ideas about truth
Are getting in the way

What is frightening you at this moment?
What is your honest terror that you can admit to?
What were your scariest moments?


im still playing mafia city, thats who i am :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


no in all honesty, my various parts on life are very complicated lol