YHVH vs. YHSVH (Tetragrammaton and Pentagrammaton)

Continuing on my journey of finding out who/what Yahweh is, I’ve stumbled onto something fascinating.

We all know the Tetragrammaton, or 4 letter name of god as YHVH, commonly pronounced Yahweh, god of the Jews.

Lesser known is the Pentagrammaton, or 5 letter name of god, YHSVH, pronounced Yeheshua, the Hebrew spelling of Jesus, god of the Christians.

In biblical lore YHVH (Yahweh) is the father, and YHSVH (Jesus) is the son.

Interestingly enough, YHSVH simply adds an S, or “Shin” in Hebrew, to YHVH. Shin in Hebrew corresponds to the devine femine term Shekinah, so it can be said that Jesus contains both the divine masculine (YHVH) and the divine feminine (Shin).

(I personally think that when Jesus refered to the “Father”, he meant Source, not Yahweh. But thats beside the point. Yahweh could have been the only conception of the “highest of high” to the people he preached to, and in the case, it would make sense to identify Yahweh with the Source, but I digress.)

YHSVH can be seen in the middle of this diagram of the Shem Operation:

I’d love to hear your thoughts/comments!


I remember being interested in it too. I think shin is fire so it can’t be feminine. Fire is seen as active (male) and water as passive (female).

Eventually you will come across the heptagrammaton which is the 7 lettered name of God. Which is Ararita.

Hope you will post more on these subjects.

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I had no idea Ararita was known as the heptagrammaton. Fascinating. Pretty sure its an initialism of a phrase that refers to god being in all things.

Shin is an interesting one because it also means tooth.

In the Prayer of the Shekinah, which the LBRP is derived from, the Shekinah is visualized as divine feminine holy light from above, possibly tying into the fire aspect.


@Under_the_Skin according to the Wikipedia page of Shekinah, it identifies with malkuth. I didn’t know it was seen as feminine. That’s interesting.

According to Dion Fortune : “ Microprosopos is also sometimes called the King; Malkuth is then called the Queen. She is also called the Lesser Mother or Terrestrial Eve as distinguished from Binah, the Supernal Mother.”

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Interesting. That means Jesus contains both the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother.

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Just found this. Seems to back up my theory that Jesus was talking about Source, not Yahweh, as the heavenly father.