YHVH and Shem Angels

I don’t intend to become unification with god, nor do I intend to unify light and darkness.
Life is not flawed and we don’t need to unify with external power for some sort of ascension.
Coexistence of opposites is what creates life and I don’t seek to escape it.

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Jehovah and Jah, Yah and Yehovah are all different from Yahweh. Different regional godnames.

“ha-Shem” is roughly equivalent to “the Name”, meaning not only is the name unpronounceable, but it is too holy to say God, Yahweh, Jehovah, etc. Generally in the Siddur unless spelled out otherwise, he is referenced as G-d, YHVH, Adonai, El. These are the “safest and honest” names of him.
Otherwise, you get a Hebrew copy, the older the better, of the Torah and piece together names from the 15th-20th chapters of Exodus.
Then try them out.

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What makes you think it’s external?

I’m not saying your perspective is wrong, but you’re just more revolved around your own individual consciousness but from a higher consciousness point of view from the macrocosm both opinions would correct however what I’m telling you is how the all seeing eye of the universe interprets reality hence created it through its observation of the concepts in its own mind, none of these things are external, connection to the godhead is connecting to your innermost divine origin, that is the goal for a lot of people on this path, it is to become godlike in whatever form the godhead expresses itself through them

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I’m not saying you’re wrong either, and luckily we both only have the view from our own individual consciousness. :slightly_smiling_face:
Discussion like that never lead anywhere, and they don’t have to.
I only intended to express that this

Is not a universal truth. Nothing more.


Debatable, I mean, Life is both bad and good, it can be flawed and well, depends on your circumstances and choices

Your life can be bad, that does not mean life itself is bad.


Solomon could only command the demons because one of his concubines was Naamah. Naamah is the queen of the dark side of the material plane or the dark side of the Kabbalistic world Assiah. Naamah knows the secrets of incantation through singing and chanting special mantras.

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I think there are many ways to control them, I command them with my Was scepter and inverted Pentagram ring and I also wear a lucifer sigil ring on my other hand

ahhh i gotcha

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Possible? Anything could be we don’t know for sure but from what I know, Angels, Demons and Annunaki are all different.

Some similarities but not entirely the same. I think Kingu has some similaritied with Prometheus (playing a role on creating humans). Shiva especially as Rudra would be more similar to Apep or Set. This is just my perspective though

One man’s facts are another man’s fiction. It’s all subjective tbh

Same with Samael tbh.

I agree with this. There is beauty and ugliness in everything

The DNA stuff is subjective I don’t take it literally.


How do you break his influence

Call upon him and ask to be immune to “God” and his emissaries’ influence.

Have you ever summoned him?

I think you should just work with the dieties rather than focusing on who God is.

It really doesn’t matter does it?

I mean you get what you want and you become stronger in the process