Yggdrasil Talisman

I bought this Norse Like Talisman at a fair. It came with a mini-book that mentions that the runes on the side represent Odin’s 18 Magical spells he got when he hung himself on the World Tree. The first picture has the 9 realms while the 2nd picture has the ‘Mother Rune’ Hagal. I was wondering what you guys think of the talisman. Do you guys think It has any possible magical properties?

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It’s POSSIBLE. Though to fathom it’s use, i’d need to be more versed in what looks like Younger Futhark. I went to the source when I started studying Norse and Vitki paths so I have Elder down, but not Younger yet.

That said, I could see a connection to Yggdrasil being beneficial as it could function as a connection to the nine realms. A phone box or gateway for astral travel?

Aesthetically, I like it. Especially the Othalla Rune connecting the piece to the lanyard.


Looks like some Dragon Rouge stuff.

That’s because I initially thought it is 10 sephiras and the tree of life there.

Well, talisman have Armanen runes on it, they were created by Guido von List, a Austrian occultist, whose ideas were one of foundations for nazi occultism, which led to negative perception of older traditional symbols from norse and german culture.