Yet another success under the tuttelage of Shub-Niggurath

For the past 3 weeks Ive been under the apprenticeship of Shub-Niggurath. She taught me so many things and helped me develop my psychic faculties alot. Today Ill post a special array which is called the Translocational Circle which is used to travel within the Land of the Silver God (Labyrinth of Zin and other such places)

The Circle as a whole

The symbols translates as follow:

  1. Unto the Moon of Uru’k
  2. Transcend the confines of Space and Time

  1. By Shub-Niggurath’s Will
  2. Let me pass/through
    5)Transcend the Realms of Spirit
  3. For Iam the Black Man
    7+8) Coordinates for the Land of Uru’k (Eibons birthplace according to her)

She revealed to me that Iam the next Eibon there and that Eibon was neither fictional nor a person or entity per se. It is an idea,energy which reincarnates again and again into individuals and steer them towards the seeking of knowledge of the Elder ones and Outer Gods.


@ Barskevilles Dog, Your Shamanistic skills & works are very impressive; at least that’s what i see from your postings. There is a Book called “The Ivory Tablets of the Crow”, which is a treaties on Shamanistic woks with Mesopotamian Tradition. i think you would found it very interesting. There, the initiate goes in Shamanistic Journey through Nine Dream Realms, where in each realm he got initiation & Ultimately become an Adept.

Thank you for commenting and reading my posts! I ll check it out and post here my results!

Something Became very apparent to me. Ive grown acustomed to the way I travel to other dimensions and beings and to their presence. It became a regular activity. Although a reminder was sent to me tonight. I was alone at home in the kitchen with no lights. The place suddenly was filled with an abominable presence and Terror beyond of this world. In the 1st time in many years know I felt FEAR. She reminded me that she is an Old One and that if she were to cross the boundaries I wouldnt even be able to stand in the same plae with her (Shub-Niggurath)

I haven’t seen the Greek letter “P” written in such a way for ages. ha. Good stuff.

aahahha thank you iam writting in stenographia usually :wink:

Excellent work man, your are awesome

Thank you for reading kind sir