Yet Another Journal of Works

I wanted to share this experience, then decided to turn it into the first entry of a journal seeing as how there are already other things I’d like to share as well.

This happened only about an hour ago, so it’s still pretty fresh in my mind.

I’ve been working on my chakras and third eye recently. So I sat down to do some meditative work on my third eye. It started with a rhythmic breathing exorcise to relax and moved on into a meditation practice I’ve been experimenting with lately. After a bit of this, I moved my focus to my third eye. It wasn’t long at all before I started seeing whisping smoke or fog moving generally in a downward motion. It didn’t have much color and was fairly dark, however if there was any color, it was possibly orangish/brown/dark red. It intrigued me, so I focused on this for a bit and it started to slowly break way into a vision.
It started out as just a building, the corner of one. Seemed to be an old farm house, almost as if it was an old European design of some kind. Next thing I saw, was an elephant, then an acorn, a squirrel, an old massive oak tree, in this exact order. I’m still wondering why an elephant, seems oddly out of place.
Next thing I notice is a field of crops, eventually I decide it has to be wheat, with an old wooden fence skirting the boundaries of it. Two men start walking out of the house, one very large, strong and muscular. The other man is the opposite, small, weak looking.
Suddenly I feel a presence, something is hidden in this scene. Something powerful. All of the sudden I see it, it’s way off in the distance at the edge of the forest line. Instantly, I get a closer look. I can’t quite make out the shape of it, or what it is exactly, but initially I get the feeling it’s something wicked, malicious. After a few seconds I see that I’m wrong, it isn’t something bad per se, just neutral. It could easily go either way, good or bad. I feel that it has the potential of being a great protector and guardian, or a vicious destroyer. I feel if you were to honor it and teat it with respect, it will always watch over and protect. However, if you were to ignore it or worse, it wouldn’t think twice about seeing you as prey.

I was so fascinated by everything that I was seeing and everything that was going on I just hung around watching, not sure for how long, I may have lost track of time a bit. Eventually I started getting a twinge of a headache in my forehead followed by a drained feeling and a bit of nausea in the pit of my stomach. It was at this time I decided to cease my current state and return.

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That’s really cool! Thank you for sharing this vision with us.

Slava Bogum

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Thanks, I’m planning on posting another experience sometime today.

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