Yes or No Queries?

Hello Everybody,
I was wondering if there is any way of magick,to find out about something?

For example, i want to know, if something will happen or not…or if someone is sincere with me or not. Etc. Questions, to those answer would be either yes or no.
I’ve heard about reading runes…but thats not what i am looking here for.
I have personally tried an islamic magick spell to get the answer,it works but its very time consuming and i just dont connect with it.

Maybe here somebody knows such magick to get clear and direct answers to our Questions (nothing telepathically)…something like an Ouija board thing…but in my country i dont get an ouija board and i dont want to mess with the dead like that.

Looking forward to your replies :grinning:

Ask your higher self for yes no answers.
State “whats the answer for yes” feel your head nod for yes. State “whats the answer for no” feel your head turn left or right.
It takes practice and trust. But you shouldnt be moving your head yourself. It will move by itself.

You can also do this with your arms by your side. State “whats the answer for yes.” You will feel something lift one of your arms. Then state " whats the anwser for no" you should feel the opposite arm being lifted.

Another way is having your finger twitch. For me its up for yes, and down for no. Again it takes trust and practice.

No tools and you can do it anywhere.