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Hey Everyone,

My name is Sam
I live in the USA, I’m in my 30s and I’ve been practicing about 6 years.
I started with candle magic and spells, then did a couple GOM books. I’ve been trying to get into working with demons. I tried Bune a couple months ago but I don’t think she was feeling me. Strangely, I’m writing this, my washing machine sounds like it’s about to explode which it’s never done before :-/

That’s about it.





Welcome to BALG! Great start with candle magic, get basics down first and then move to higher magic.There are many posts/links regarding occult knowledge, please check out the sites search engine at the upper right and the magnifying glass :mag_right: and you will find the answer.

I felt the same way when I started doing rituals, it may take some time before your ritual requests will be acceded to or even acknowledged.

However, I felt a huge power that i could control or do anything, whether it was acceded to or not, just the fact that I performed a ritual and accomplished something, that the possibilities were there and endless…

Gain confidence by studying your goals more closely and focus on achieving one goal at a time, that you realistically can accomplish. The next time you perform a ritual ask for a sign to let you know he will accede.

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Thank you. I am trying to let go of past failures with higher level magick. Candle magic was very easy for me, even if it didn’t yield dramatic results. It’s very hard for me because I get discouraged so quickly after using so much energy, just to fail.

I’m going to use your advice and keep trying

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