So I was just taking a shower, as one does on the occasion, and I was thinking over random things. I had just finished my workout and was thinking about meditating after I cleaned up. In this I was thinking of things I could try or work on and I started thinking of Enns and the number 108. I was wondering why 108 meant anything specific, as it seems to be a catch all for most enn repetitions. Then, very randomly, my mind said remember the hotel room. To this I was like, “what hotel room?”. Then I remembered a dream from a few nights back about going to room 11 between 10 and 8. My mind immediately started shouting that’s 108 right there! It’s like my body is charged up about this! Maybe i’m reaching at randomness and coincidence, but my mind is completely ablaze that there is something there that I need to figure out. That and the very odd feeling on how it popped into my mind. Does anyone have any insight on this or similar experiences? I will be doing a deep dive down the rabbit hole tonight trying to see if anything more rises to the surface, reading up on 3, 11, 108, squares, ducks anything cuuuuurazy that has been a reoccurring theme. For the first time in a bit I feel movement again after feeling so stagnant :laughing:

The idea of repeating a mantra 108 times comes from Hinduism, and Buddhism. It is a New Age import, and really has nothing whatsoever to do with Western demonolatry or demonic enns. People just use it because it gives them a rough idea how long to chant to “feel something.” Beyond that, it has no significance.

However, in the East, 108 is considered to be a sacred number. In Hinduism, the Sanskrit alphabet has 54 letters, each of which has a masculine, and feminine form, making 108. In Buddhism, it is said that it represents the number of earthly desires in man.


Yeah I had read something along those lines before both here and in a few other discords I believe. I was wondering if it had become more of like an act of contrition to make 108 repetitions. I myself have always just gone until I felt a change in the atmosphere. (That and I have tried 108 before and always lose count lol). This again makes me wonder on what it’s significance might be appearing in my thoughts and dream. Maybe it’s not the number itself that holds the significance, but the number is being used to get my attention for something else?

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It could have significance for you, personally, outside of its common use with enns and mantras. The only way to find out, though, would be for you to go down the rabbit hole of numerology, sacred numbers, etc, and see if it leads you somewhere useful.

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