Xian baptism

Hi everybody
In Italy, where I live, there’s the chance to delete the Xian baptism effects from a law perspective. It’s enough to send a certified mail to the church where I had been baptized and ask to be deleted from their records.
But baptism is also an esoteric initiation rite.
So I was wondering if there is a satanic rite to delete Xian baptism effect from an esoteric point of view.

I did a kind of “reverse baptism” to wash myself clean - I was never baptised formally, but the whole Xian energy is in the very air we breathe, anyway I posted about it here back in '14.

I think summoning a spirit, ideally one you see as the most powerful & archetypal, then taking their guidance as to a specific ritual, would be more useful than anything formulaic - sheep all living uniform lives under one Shepherd is the religious stance, a black magician is free to choose their own path though. JMO.

Yes there is.

Paul Huson suggested to do this ritual for three days. However, Sorceress Cagliastro built a ritual around it that lasts from New Moon to New Moon and wrote that doing the ritual for a 28 day period from New Moon to New Moon will give you much stronger results, including opening your 3rd eye and tuning you to spiritual energies. It has been said that spirits may in fact introduce themselves visibly to you without you doing any evocation rituals at all.

I did the ritual for a week a few years ago. While doing it, i heard a choir of dead children singing while the pipes in my building banged loudly all night. That banging continued for months afterward and would always start right at midnight. It disturbed my sleep and frankly got annoying after a while. The nights when i got to sleep i had wild disturbing dreams.

You’d be surprised how powerful something this simple can be.

Here is a current lunar phase calendar for you to time it if you’re interested in doing it.

Good luck with everything.

There’s a related thread about reversing the “Lord’s” prayer here, I found that quite useful, we had to go along with it at school and I wanted to purge it.

I’ve Find Black mass very Useful to deprogram and clean myself from Christian Dogma, especially when your raised with the Fear of Demon, Hell, Satan etc…
I actually did a Satanic Baptism and then i did a Black Mass.

It Worked well!