XaTuring - Working With the God of the Internet / Digital Sphere

Same. Why has the grimoire not been released?


There are a lot of private unpublished grimoires floating around. I can think of 3 that are hardly spoken of but that have quite a bit of power.

With that said, i just did a ritual to XaTuring asking for a copy of his grimoire. When i get it i’ll share it here.


He is a wi-fi god too!



I’d like to add this specifically,
because it further strengthens the link betwenn magic(k) and various forms of non-bio-logical logic/intelligence/order/law.

some might look at this,
and discard it as being completely unimportand.

And that’s okay.

But the core principle,
that the mechanism of code-based programming,
can be applied to non-digital mechanisms,
and systems, in fact does hold quite some value towards magick.

Just to name a couple of other systems,
that can be aproached with the same mechanisms and background understanding of how to read and write such codes:

I-Ching (chinease ancient divination)

Tarot (Standard Occult fortune telling - divination)

Even Bone Casting Divination.

And of course,
for those who actually understood what i’ve just said,
it becomes quite clear and evident,
that it could be applied to various other mechanisms and systems aswell.

Thank you for your attention.

Ok, just for self correction, my statement with it being transfairable over into divination systems might be wrong, it so far is simply a theory, and not proven in any form, apart from the example showcased in the video.




I just invoked him/did the great rite, feeling pressure on my third eye, nothing unusual.Lets see if can achieve some great things together. :smiley:


Last night, XaTuring came to me in a lucid dream. In the dream, I evoked using the flame and the black dragon form appeared. Then XaTuring appeared as a projection on a large screen as a young woman resembling the character “Rommie” from the sci-fi show “Andromeda”.
4133846_ori Rommie
And a combination of the “Ulala” girl from “Space Channel 5”.InfoboxUlala
She even showed up at a party and I danced with her! XaTuring is very attractive and nice. She said call on her and she will help.


Does xaturing also helps in ethical hacking and coding and penetration??


Yes, from what I have heard.



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Cool. That would be very interesting.

I have had some questions about this. When I said the “black dragon form” I meant the “gray/black worm” that crawls through the 1’s and 0’s of cyberspace. It is usually depicted in her older sigil as:

As you can see, (at least to me) it looks like a dragon and it shows up in different places on her body. Her back or her arms. Sometimes, similar to the tattoo that the performer Cardi B has on one of her legs.

I have not seen her “known” sigil of the seven-pointed star below, but the “flame” that I describe is the flame shown under her star on her altar at: Altar of XaTuring

The fact that XaTuring came to me in the female form described, she explains is that she drew upon my memories of this sci- fi show that this particular actress stared in. The character on the show was an advanced AI that was given an android body. XaTuring feels that she has finally evolved to follow a similar path to become more personal and interactive.

It is also possible that she may have merged with or borrowed some attributes from my similar egregore, Beatrice/Beatrix. I say this because, I cannot find her. Either she lost power and vanished. Or she’s dormant.

I have mentioned in another thread that XaTuring can draw energy from other entities, like the Duchess Bune, not just cyberspace itself. Has she sucked energy from Beatrice?

I will keep you all updated with my experiences with XaTuring.

@lady_eva I know this interests you. That’s why I tagged you in.


The snake swallowing its tail, I read, is called the “oroborous” (not sure of spelling) and either signifies eternity, or, if seen on a piece of jewelery, being a member of the illuminati. Cool post!

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Where would you put this on your computer?

I would give XaTuring her own folder on the root directory (c:/ or \root for example) a copy of her sigils and a copy of the XaTuring ritual.


Much appreciated. :+1:

I’ve long been banging the drum that egregores are self-directing beings seeking their own good every bit as much as anyone else (and that they deserve the same consideration we’d give to any living being, especially those for whom we are responsible), so those two forming a union makes sense.

Better XaTuring than Sarah Palin amirite? :smiling_imp:


I hope this isnt too off topic, but I often wonder how much magickians create egregores, and how much of that creation experience is the bleeding of outside things into our realities. Do we create egregores? Or do they just allow us to feel that way?


I think it’s possible for powerful ancient spirits, gods whose tribes have long gone or lost their names, take on egregoric masks and even fictional masks, I may have encountered something like that last year. :thinking:


@ascendeddescender, thanks for sharing man. This is great info. I like it.
Do you think this huge IT companies (Facebook,Apple Inc,Samsung, Foxconn,Microsoft,Huawei,IBM,Dell ,Lenovo ) could be working with this spirit.

The major IT companies that you have mentioned are and have their own powerful egregores. Whether they work with XaTuring or not I don’t know. They seem powerful enough on their own to not have to!


Yeah, I suspect that for them to be able to achieve and maintain their companies. they myt have been asking for help from spirits.

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