Wyvern cultivation for kundalini raising and energy body

This is by the far the most potent energy cultivation that I know and practice. It can be used for many task. You can raise kundalini and even create a genuine energy body ( vampire magician often struggle to find a method to reach this subtle body here you have the tools), you can use it to super fuel any other ritual or for occult power, there is no limitation of what you can do with this Wyvern cultivation technique. I’m sorry for the translation as the native langage is french. The building of the energy body is of great interest as it is a powerful aid in achieving energy mastery. The specific exercises that make up this training considerably strengthen physical and mental resistance, regenerate tissues, slow down the aging process and produce an increase in life expectancy of over 30%. The practice of this method also allows to considerably develop the faculties of concentration and also makes it possible to act on a considerable number of individuals.

Several types of exercises are offered in Indian, Chinese, and Celtic traditions. They offer disturbing similarities and are all based on special techniques of breathing, concentration and judicious use of the earth’s energy. The basic exercise described below should be done about twice a day, once in the morning and once every evening. It should be continued regularly without interruption until the disappearance of the practitioner, the interruption causing a rapid decrease in the potentialities obtained. A little off-putting in the first few days, it becomes a real moment of relaxation in a few weeks, some followers practice it up to eight times a day. It is advisable not to want, in the first months, to embark on this type of marathon, too much frequency the first year can generate spasmophilia attacks, while regularly practiced such sessions tend to resolve these crises in people. who suffer from it.

Practical exercise in energy development
This practice of energy accumulation is known in Western traditions as the Wyvern ritual or the great serpent ritual (although it is not strictly speaking a ritual, but an exercise), among the Bön (black caps from Tibet) and in Chinese Tchan it takes the name of “Shen-ti-yan”. This technique, which is not widely used, is most often taught orally from teacher to student. Few are the texts alluding to it, and even rarer are those which describe it (often truncated). We can consider that the “ritual” of the Wyvern constitutes the most solid and effective basis of training of a future follower. This exercise has immense potential, and its applications are multiple. Besides the fact that it is a practice of energy accumulation, the physical, psychic and spiritual repercussions are exceptional. We can without exaggeration draw up the following list (which is not exhaustive!).

  1. Increase in physical and mental vitality
  2. General regeneration of the body and organs.
  3. Detoxification.
  4. Development of subtle channels and energy in considerable proportions.
  5. Reinforcement of the specific energy of Kundalini.
  6. Development and formation of the chakras.
  7. Increase in concentration potential.
  8. Construction of the energy body (light body, glory body, rainbow body), of which it constitutes the basic exercise.
  9. Doubling, by projection of the energy body.
  10. Increased lifespan, 30 to 40% more, minimum.
  11. Significant development of personal magnetism.
  12. Increase in physical resistance and endurance.
  13. Increased resistance to diseases, with an increase in the quality of the blood and the nervous network.
  14. Considerable development of psychic powers, quite spectacular: clairvoyance, intuition, possibility of object charge, influence and control of energies and elements.

This exercise alone greatly and lastingly develops powers. Continued for a few years (from 3 to 5 years), it allows the realization of most initiatory practices and “magic rituals of all origins”. Apart from the purely magical aspect, it is also an extraordinary training for yoga enthusiasts who will notice an increase in their potential in a few months. Some adepts have been practicing this exercise daily for many years, they claim that it alone constitutes a shortcut in the practice of the arousal pathways. In the field of spirituality, it is decisive for refining and developing the levels of consciousness and the approach of the inner master. It is a real exercise in spiritual alchemy, a progression in the ways of wisdom and immortality.

The Wyvern Ritual cultivation practice
The complete exercise takes place in three phases, possibly completed by a fourth, optional, known as the action phase. This fourth phase should only be practiced after a minimum of nine months of sustained exercises.

The actual exercise takes place on the ground. Traditionally, it has to be done outdoors in a strong land-based location. Positive telluric emergence point, near a menhir or a dolmen (never on the table thereof which is always negative) or in a carefully spotted wild telluric place. It can also be practiced in a home, the radiation being unfortunately attenuated, will require an extension of the training to achieve an equivalent result. Although in itself, after a few years, the finality will be equivalent, only the regularity will bear fruit.

After choosing the location, the student will carefully locate the four cardinal points, which he will mark in such a way as to keep his bearings. Outdoors, it will be good to plant four stakes, one of which is colored, to identify the north.

This exercise should preferably be done in the morning for women and in the afternoon or evening for men. This indication is of secondary importance, since the ideal after a few years of practice is to practice it several times a day.

Clothing is more important. We will choose loose clothing, not very tight, in natural material, linen, cotton or wool. We should avoid silk, which by nature is insulating, and even more synthetic fabrics. Belts will be excluded, the student will be barefoot, and he must not wear any metallic object (rings, jewelry, etc.).

At the place of the exercise, a mat or mat will be placed to insulate the body from moisture. This mat should also be made of natural material, reed, straw, wool or cotton. In apartments, avoid synthetic carpets or plastic or rubber flooring. This mat or carpet will be arranged in a north-south direction.

When we start the exercise for the first time, we will begin it in the ascending Moon. If for one reason or another, we have to interrupt it for a while, it will always have to be taken up again in the rising moon.

The essential accessories for the practice are very simple, they consist of a small iron plate of about 5 cm x 4 cm, with a thickness of about 5 to 6 mm, the dimensions not being critical. , and a sphere (an egg shape seems better suited) of lead 2.5 to 3 cm in diameter depending on the dimensions of the user’s hand, the fingertips of which must be able to touch the palm afterwards be closed around this object. As for the iron plate, soft iron is better than steel, but for lack of a better one, the latter may also be suitable. The lead ball can be obtained by hammering a fall of pipe, or by melting in a plaster mold, which will be destroyed after cooling.

The sketch below illustrates the various provisions useful during the exercise.

1st PHASE. (About 10 to 15 minutes).
After unrolling the mat, or the carpet, the operator will place the lead ball in the west, the iron plate in the east. He will lie down with his head to the north, his feet to the south about 25 cm apart. The arms will be extended in a cross, the palms of the hands towards the sky, the thumbs apart from the other fingers, which will be perfectly extended without tension (this is very important). The iron plate must be within reach of the left hand, at a distance allowing it to be taken in hand without extending the arm, and without having to turn the head to grab it. The lead ball will also be within reach of the right hand. Once in this position (eyes closed), the operator will put himself in a state of body relaxation, releasing his tensions. He will then operate on mental calm. At this stage, he will concentrate on his breathing by visualizing the air inspired by the nostrils, in the form of a luminous fluid of pure white (ventral breathing while inflating the belly).

The inspired white light will be visualized, as concentrating in the form of a small luminous sphere radiating at the level of the heart. After (slight) retention of the breath, visualize this light turning to intense red .


Then exhalation through the mouth of air, which will be visualized as a fluid of blue color. During this expiration phase, the operator will pronounce the term “A” long, until the lungs empty.
At the end of the determined period, relaxation and mental calm will be maintained. We will breathe calmly and deeply, in a full way.

2nd PHASE. Said of solar respiration. (10 to 15 minutes).
With the eyes closed, we will begin to practice alternate breathing (polarized), inhaling air through the right nostril (male, yang, solar). This inspiration polarizes the air in a subtle way, and allows to charge a fluid corresponding to “cosmic magnetism”. This explanation, situated at the level of symbolism, has in ordinary material reality no scientific basis, but in physiological reality such breathing is of a very different quality from usual inspiration. It is undoubtedly a group excitation of nerves stimulating a specific area of ​​the brain (?). This inspiration should last about a second, so it is fast, since it involves filling the whole of the lungs (still in ventral breathing). This operation will be done very easily by bringing the mouth to the right, and by twisting the nose. The left nostril is therefore blocked. The operation quickly becomes automatic. Without holding the breath, the air will be exhaled through the left nostril, twisting the nose and bringing the mouth to the left. The expiration will also last for a second. Inhaling and exhaling will bring the cycle to two seconds. This cycle should be done with your mouth closed.

As soon as this rhythm is established, we will take the lead ball in our right hand, which we will place in the palm of the hand, then we will close the fingers so that the end of these is applied to the palm. .

The thumb will be folded over the top of the index finger, touching the middle finger. With the left hand, take the iron plate, which will be kept flat on the elongated center fingers, while it will be held laterally by the index and little fingers.

The two hands will be turned towards the sky, the arms held in a cross, the “solar” breathing always rhythmic on the cycle of two seconds. Slowly, we will bend the legs, knees high, so that the feet are brought together as close as possible to the gluteal muscles (keeping the gap between them). The soles of the feet should be as flat as possible on the ground. We will open our eyes, and we will leave them open for the rest of the exercise, maintaining mental calm.

3rd PHASE. Solar respiration B. (10 to 15 minutes).
Always in polarized breathing, eyes open, we will cross the legs at ankle level, the heels as close as possible to the buttocks and the soles of the feet as flat as possible on the ground. This being the case, we will fold the right arm on the chest, the fist holding the lead ball on the left shoulder, then we will fold the left arm on the chest, the left hand holding the iron plate now located on right shoulder. Breathing will be maintained at the same rate, with a certain violence.

At the end of this phase, we will resume normal breathing (inspiration through both nostrils, expiration through the mouth), then we will release the iron plate, and a few seconds after the lead ball. Breathing having returned to normal, we will extend our arms, uncross the legs and remain still for a few minutes before getting up.

Comments on the exercise
Polarized breathing, called “solar”, recharges the organism with positive energy. It is associated in this exercise with the capture of telluric energy, caused in the first degree by the positions of the spine and the soles of the feet. It is therefore a mixture of two energies that this technique produces, cosmic energy due to special breathing, telluric energy, by the position of the body and the presence of the iron plate in the left hand.
The left side of the body is universally considered to be the receptive side of the body. It is therefore the left hand that must hold the iron plate, which concentrates telluric energy. I have been asked several times about left-handed people, in whom the problem could be reversed, the problem does not arise in these terms, since even in a left-handed person the heart is on the left.

Telluric energy will enter through the left hand and accumulate in the body. The right side being emitter, it is advisable to block the output of energy, to force this one to accumulate, this is the reason why the right fist will have to be closed on a mass of lead (which is impermeable to this). type of radiation). In this scheme, energy is forced to accumulate in the body.

This exercise must be carried out regularly, under penalty of nullity, once a day being a minimum. The average prescribed for effective training, being two exercises per day (in the morning and in the evening, for example), which makes it possible to consider validly following an operative, magical or spiritual path. Some operators carry out 4 to 8 of these exercises daily, the results are sufficiently remarkable that in one year they are practically “operational”, which does not in any way exempt them from continuing this type of daily practice throughout their existence (at a a little more reduced rate of two to four exercises per day, it should be emphasized).

The accumulation of this type of energy produces after a few months a spectacular increase in tone and an important bodily regeneration. Intuition develops quickly, clairvoyance can appear in some, especially during chakra meditation sessions (especially at the level of the heart chakra), the formation of certain skills and the development of these is particularly startling and rising Kundalini phenomena can arise quickly.

At the end of a year, a few times less, especially if one carries out more than two exercises per day, it will be possible to practice phase IV, which is a particularly effective operative phase. It should be noted that this phase can be combined with a hopscotch technique, which significantly improves certain types of operations.

PHASE IV. Operative technique.

The operative phase must be carried out in deep normal breathing, it will consist of placing the arms alongside the body, the legs stretched out (keeping the gap of 25 cm), then closing the eyes and putting yourself in a state of concentration. visualization (meditation) on a goal to be reached or a situation to be provoked.

The image must be precise and closely related to the effect to be obtained. It can be a specific event, an influence to be projected or a state to be obtained. The operator can also meditate on a hopscotch summarizing a progression of events, the result in this specific case could be more sophisticated. This practice will be continued for 5 to 10 minutes, and if well prepared, it offers an absolutely exceptional success rate.

On its own, this method makes it possible to avoid the use of a large number of action rituals. It should be noted that the adepts using the telluric capture technique can after a few years of practice initiate most of the necessary actions useful in everyday life, both for themselves and for third parties. Without ever losing sight of the fact that the objectives must always be of a beneficial type, under penalty of “polluting” the higher subtle bodies seriously, which would ultimately result in conflict situations which are sometimes tragic for the experimenter. Authentic meditation should have as its objective only spiritual progression, to the exclusion of any other objective, this practice allowing contact with the essential being.

Be careful and wash your hands at the end of the exercise as lead can be dangerous if ingested however there is no problem if you touch it during the exercise but dont put the hands to mouth. You can use a fishing lead ball and a steel/iron plate.


As a student of ancient Kashmir Shaivism who has paid for the decodings of Sanskrit, this part is right.

And although this is a intense process you laid out, it’s really a lot more simpler than this.

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Love all this

The next step of the wyvern cultivation is to work on the skeletal system to get boundless strength, boundless energy and chi. On physical level it will heal osteoporosis/low vital energy and anemia. This is true because you work on the bone marrow directly. Many other benefits for those who have spiritual pursuit like immortality science, longevity etc. Very useful to strengthen magical manifestation.

  1. First stand in a wide horse stance.
  2. Focus on Your Sahashrara Chakra (Crown Center) and as you breathe fully and
    deeply, visualize yourself absorbing huge amounts of Bright White energy
    through this center and into the rest of your body.
  3. Breathe the energy in and move it down the whole skeletal structure you can
    imagine you are taking a shower in this white energy.
  4. Feel that the energy extends and down to your roots.
  5. You can imagine yourself rooted 30 ft in to the earth.
  6. As it starts to pour in, you want to bounce your sacrum down and bring it back up.
    Shake from Muladhara Chakra, which is your tailbone or “root” center.
  7. Don’t shake from your chest. Shake from your tailbone, up and down. Try to keep
    your knees from moving forward and backward. Instead, the butt and pelvis
    should do most of the moving!
  8. Feel that by shaking from the sacrum, you shake your entire body loose. Breath the
    white energy through each bone and through each vertebrae.
  9. Feel that you are cleaning your bone marrow.
  10. Forget about the muscle and tissue, and feel that you are only a heavy, connected
    skeleton that shakes up and down.
  11. Let your arms shake. Spread your fingers out and let them breath.
  12. Feel the shake occur from head to toe and from toes to head and then back down.
  13. Feel that all your joints open up naturally.
  14. Fill them up with Prana as you breath
  15. Once you build a steady rhythmic shaking, begin to localize your pranic
  16. Breathe in through the left arm, and out through the right arm.
  17. Breathe in through the left leg, and out through the right leg.
  18. Then reverse it (In through the right out through the left).
  19. You want to open up all the channels and clean the gunk out.
  20. Breathe in through Sahashrara chakra (the crown center); breath out through
    Muladhara chakra (the base center/ tailbone), and root more through your tailbone
    and through the soles of the feet.
  21. This exercise will also improve your rooting.
  22. Then breathe in through Muladhara (tailbone), and in through the soles of the feet,
    and exhale out through the crown.
  23. Imagine you are simultaneously rooting upwards with your Sahashrara, as high as
    you can.
  24. Keep it simple and move awareness through your body, through the limbs, through the entire skeletal
  25. Once you feel everything is bright white and clean, you can either continue or
  26. When you do come to a full stop. Relax and become aware of your roots. Keep
    breathing deeply, slowly, and fully
  27. Absorb clean prana from all around you and from your roots, and spend a few
    minutes to orbit this energy around your system, at least 3 times.
  28. Notice everything: your spine, your chakras, and your internal organs. Make sure
    if feels like the energy is distributed evenly.
  29. If you feel you have too much energy, root more and give some back to the Earth.
  30. This whole exercise should be done for at least 7 minutes to get the blood and the
    lymphatic system moving.
  31. You will notice it will tone your leg muscles and give you a very strong base for
    martial arts or dance.
  32. Don’t be surprised if your kicks become effortless and more powerful.
  33. If you have any pain anywhere, focus more on white energy coming in from the
    crown and into the specific area of injury or sickness, and flush the pain out
    through your roots into the Earth.
  34. What is waste for we humans is food for other beings.
  35. Just visualize the energy as white
  36. Transmutate the energy into its pure essence. See what happens when you give
    to the Earth. Enjoy it!
  37. To conclude the shaking exercise, place both hands on your lower abdomen and
    relax. Allow all the energy and heat to collect in your Dan ‘Tien
    for at least 3 minutes.
    38. This in itself can be an entire Yogic work out if done for 1 hour.

I been dping bone breathing. I noticed that after the bodies dies the bones remain.


The white skeleton meditation will be the next step. There is several version of it. The skeleton system is a very important part of the energy body process. All these steps can be practiced into one daily session if you have time.