WTF ... Is this even possible

I won’t go to much in detail but … after working with azazel, amaymon, abbadon and belial. During many rituals I thought I would not need to call on them any more.

But boy was I wrong …

Azazel told me there is a ritual where he would show me a force that would help me in my quest of ascent.

So we communed back and forth his exact words were " eight flames, eight beings, eight gods, intertwine to become one ".

I not understanding asked " become what ", he said " become that which is the undying infernal union embodied ".

He gave me names of eight spirits that were to be intertwined into one force.

I had no idea what this ritual even was, but the names were …

Lucifer, amaymon, abbadon, azazel, belial, king paimon, Lilith and leviathan.

I was instructed to create a circle of symbol given to me by azazel, place all of the sigils belonging to the eight spirits around the circle.

And to call them all around the circle and towards the triangle of manifestation, I was given incantations to use in demonic tongue.

These incantations, were to aid the spirits in to possessing each other and to solidify their powers and attributes into one form.

After a intense amount of energy crashing through my temple even the energy made me fall to my knees.

The form changed into a serpent like dragon, with eyes of fire in each of its scales.

It gave me a sigil and a prayer to say before calling it again.

It also gave me its name which is “Ak’anak”.

After I wrote all the information down, while simultaneously drooling on the floor.

I ended the ritual and before I could do the banishing I immediately passed out and woke around three hours later.

I have no idea what’s going on, my minds trying to process all of this.

Did I really just intertwine the power and consciousness, of these eight spirits into one and Ak’anak formed

Anyway let me know your guys thoughts

Sincerely yours

Conner Kendall


This is really interesting. I don’t really know what to think.

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Thanks and I Know right :thinking:

Holy fuck that’s incredible.

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I know it’s crazy thanks for taking your time to read this much appreciated

You should see what that spirit has to offer. Speak to it and learn more.

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That’s what I had in mind.

The number “8” is a sacred symbol to Satan and his demons as it represents eternal power. When “8” becomes “ONE” it means that one’s self is being advanced - becoming a god.


Ah interesting I didn’t even know that I guess azazel knew though i’ll look into it

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I am willing to bet that if you research the attributes of each spirit that when you put it all together, you will discover something profound.

Looks like you got yourself some research to do.

Ak’anak can certainly help.

Maybe all this is an experiment in order to push the boundaries of the level of manifestation typically experienced. Leviathan is the entity that has me the most curious. Sounds like the gel that holds it all together.

Don’t forget to feed the construct by giving it attention and see what it can do.

Curiouser and curiouser!! :sunglasses:


Heh, the combining… seems similar to something I am working on doing for further advancement, not the same way of spirits though.

I read your report and found it super!
You could talk about what you discovered from that name you were given, what you discovered about that entity …