Wtf is a void god?

Sorry I know this sounds wierd but I’ve heard the term many times without explanation, but what’s a void god and where can I find one?


Look up Tiamat in the babylonian tradition she’s is litrally a primal chaos void god!

Here is a list of other Chaos Deities


So basically primordial deities that were here before all else. That of the void, which is chaos?

I believe so, the only other being i would add is maybe Choronzon if your working with the qliphoth.

In my tradition, Gunningagap also known as the void is typically not considered a god. I consider it a Rokkr (primordial force). In fact I have said that it is the only thing truly primordial. The only true God is nothingness, emptiness… void.


Yeah but it also contains the potential for everything too :smiley:


Yeah but it also contains the potential for everything too :D[/quote]

Exactly. :slight_smile: it is everything and yet nothing.


It depends on what void you are talking about. There’s the chaos and emptiness etc and there’s the plain of existence and the rulers who govern it.
The prior seems to be fairly well covered her but as for the latter: the void gods are fairly old but certainly not the oldest things around. They govern the void, which flows into and effects everything around us, and tend to keep a lot of magical knowledge. Really they’re no different to any other god.
Lucifuge rofocale is a good starting point, there’s also neploth and a few others these days as well.

But Neploth is you

However is there more you can tell me?

Neploth is a spirit friend of his that he took the name of.

Haha I’m not neploth. It’s just the name of a spirit I’ve worked with.

So what would be the benefits of working with a void god

The void is the oldest thing as all existence sprung from it. What is a void god? The anthropomorphized representation of the void current.

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But what about the benefits of working with such an entity?

Theyre pretty good when it comes to questions, but then again most are. The main benefit I’ve enjoyed is the magic techniques I’ve been shown.
All my portals, mind control and baneful side was either directly taught or adapted from something I’ve learned from working with the void gods and spirits. Plus shadow people are pretty useful and the void will grant you access to them.
Think of the void as the ultimate occult library, containing everything there is to know about magic. You just need to work your way through it (though do try not to fall into obsession)

They may be something to consider

Who would you recommend to start out with?

The void is it’s own thing you just show up and stuff happens. Tiamat, Ptah, myself because I’m here alive and well, or someone else who’s also here. Some other names have already been dropped in this thread. I’m super easy to evoke and you can pm me for clarification of things. But keep in mind this is my human side and has some limitations.

Adam has brought up some good possibilities. I went the route of lucifuge rofocale and later moved onto neploth