WTF ! how did it happened?

I made Zepar’s Sigil , Charged it and then pinned it to make it a Talisman .

I kept it with myself every time. Today i had a feeling to “unpin” it . so when i unpinned it i saw that the lines had changed their orientations on their own.

initially all the lines were horizontally and vertically straight and were overlapping the "crease "formed by the page. but now they have automatically became inclined . i saw the sigil from all possible angles and its 100% sure that lines have became inclined .

I have attached picture below !( i had to resize it 2 times bcz the forum cant upload images bigger than 128Kb fuck )

any thoughts on that ?

Wow, weird!!

No thought, but not really surprised either, stuff like that happens from time to time… :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen or heard of anything like that. No offense but, were you by any chance on any meds or drunk when you drew that? Because certain meds or alchohol can mess with your perception and make you think what you are drawing is straight but when you wake up you realize you drew it crooked. Because if you were sober that would mean the drawing has defied physics and moved itself on the paper and as far as I’m aware even an entity can’t do that. But if a person did it to mess with you there would be eraser marks and I don’t see any of those but the photo is really small though.

Hey ! Thanx for the response. But i WASN’T drunk or on meds. Infact I have NEVER drunk alcohol or anything like that in my entire life !

Photo is small ? Did you clicked on the picture ?

And there is no chance that any person did it. Because it was drawn using black sketch colour so it cant be erased