Wtf, all my sigils flash too early

In EA Koetting’s sigil magick technique i am supposed to simultaneously gaze and imagine my end result, however just a few seconds after i start gazing, the sigil lines start disappearing and reappearing, even though i have hardly sent any energy into the sigil. EA says it takes a few minutes to charge the sigil with intent, and you have to leak emotion into the sigil. Yet my sigils flash even though i have let hardly any emotion. What the hell is going on…so frustrating…

EA Koetting: “the evocation is not in the sigil nor in the conjuration, but is in you, as the Living God of your Universe!”

This was solely meant for a question he answered on Facebook which pertained to evocation, but is Universal in meaning. Keep this in mind.

You were probably already charging the sigil. You doubted yourself because someone said something else, yet we really do have our own experiences. Trust your experiences.

Your sigil will flash even if there’s no emotion or intent. Because it flash as s sign you’re entering TGS.

To create a change in your world, you need both:

a) A proper or deep enough TGS state, plus

b) An intent, a desire that also has two aspects:
1) The emotion behind it = energy you put into the unvierse at the time of the TGS. Ehich directly affect the outcome.
2) The visualization you engage either during the openineg or just when you’ve opened the sigil (weird feeling of “energy” in the paper or the visual effect of ink floating in the paper). This is related to the mold of the desire, and how the outcome express (to a certain point). The clearer the manifestation, in my experience, easier is to manifest the desire.

Of course, you need to know that even if there’s a “not so intense” desire and a “lazy” visualization, the intent will still materialize itself if you complete tw things.

-Deep enough TGS (that is kind of not so necesarily deep at this stage).
-Exhausting of the desire. Which cause your superficial mind forget about it and let the deeper part of you take care of it.

I have two principal advices for this kind of magic at first:

-Try a desire that is not so personal important (kind of working for someone else).

-Or Try a desire that is so fucking intense you can’t allow your self not to have it, this will trigger such an intensity that will exahust the desire pretty quickly (specially if the desire is sexual and you masturbate right after or during ritual).

Just try it out, a desire, wait a week or so, and if you have not manifested something barely similar to what you wanted, try again the same desire.

PRACTICE IS ALL WHAT MATTERS… Practice and taking notes. Be systematic in your aproach.