Wrong sigil, but still results?

It’s only after the fact I find out I accidentally used Martals sigil to call on Ant’harutu… and I’ve communicated with “Ant’harutu” twice now… so here’s the golden question… which was it? Ant’harutu or Martal? I called out the name of Ant’harutu and had some deep conversation pertaining to my spiritual ascent. Either one of these spirits could’ve answered my questions as Martal is all about initiation and ascent, so is Ant’harutu.

Well, the question is- before you realized your mistake, did you believe that the sigil was that of the entity you intended to call? If you did, and hadn’t the slightest doubt about it, then it may have still functioned properly regardless.

In my experience, I’ve found that almost all ritual gear- sigils included -serve to act, essentially, as shortcuts for the practitioner performing the ritual. If you didn’t have the ritual gear, and all the symbolic, esoteric, philosophical, and theological weight behind them, you would have to go through and manage the parts of the ritual that they preside over entirely under your control.

It’s like the difference between running on auto-pilot or manual control while flying a plane. If you’re on auto-pilot, your attention can be focused somewhere else, doing something useful, and unless something goes wrong you don’t have to even really worry about the efficiency or efficacy of the things under auto-pilot. If you’re on manual, you have to constantly watch, micro-manage, control, and monitor every single little monitor, gauge, or whatever else you have on your dashboard.

Symbols, like sigils, act like auto-pilot programs for your subconscious so that you immediately associate them with something. That is, until you find out you’ve been using an entirely different OS than you thought you were using. If that happened with your computer, would you then be able to confidently run the same program? Would you doubt the success of the previous times you’d worked the program? In using the wrong sigil, but being oblivious to it, you just basically used bootleg software.