Wrong Side of Heaven OR Right Side of Hell? Leaving Religion & Embracing Magick

I’m attempting to turn from Christ to Chaos Magick & it’s fucking hard?! Any suggestion?

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why is it hard?
why can’t you have Christ and chaos magick at the same time?

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Deprogramming. Been there, and yes, it is very much possible.

Though you mentioned chaos magick, I highly recommend you consult Diane Vera’s website on Theistic Satanism. It gives a lot of useful tips to deprogram oneself and leave Christianity for good. And such tips could also be applied for leaving Islam.



When one is truly mentally ready, convinced that their childhood religion is a lie, one may turn to renunciation and blasphemy rites as they help sever all ties to one’s former faith.

Consult those links, and you’ll be armed w/ all the tools you need. That’s what I did years ago, and I have become an Antichrist, Satanic to the core!