Writing love letters to your gods/goddesses

SO! Most of my posts are really negative but this one is a positive.
I was getting ready for bed when I had the urge to write, specifically to my patron Loki.

I haven’t really written to him in a long time. But one way or another - months or days - my thoughts always pinpoints to him.
I haven’t really been sure type to know if a spirit is there, because I don’t have that gift of picking up gods energies when I’m not necessarily seeking it. Example, I would if I go into a haunted house, looking for ghosts and such, but never anywhere else. Or if I evoke or invoke a spirit I wouldn’t know if I actually achieved it, ya know?

I wrote in first as if I was writing in a diary. Telling him my troubles, my successes, maybe even some devious things lmao.
I began to summon him through callings and I swear my psychic senses are beginning to develop because the base of my spine started to hurt really god damn bad and I felt sort of emotional. Not the sad emotional. A silent amusement and then I suddenly grew passionate and started writing sentences on the top of my head. It became a love letter.

I think writing is the best medium for me for psychic energy.
And if you’re gonna use it as one, keep your thoughts on your paper raw and don’t think twice about putting them down.