WOW! - Your thoughts please

Over a month ago I evoked Sallos for a task I’d like to bring to fruition.
This was my very first evokation and felt that it really didn’t go brilliantly and shared my experience with other members here. I got a lot of great advise and was told to be patient and completely forget about my her and results will come in good time.
Anyway, 3 weeks of being patient was the best I could do and didn’t contact her at all.
On Tuesday I felt like evoking Sallos again to explain my frustration and performed it just after 12:30am.
I darkened the front room and lit 5/6 red candles. With the sigil in my left hand I started to talk to Duke Sallos of my continued desire of this love.
Initially for the first 20 or so minutes I didn’t have much response.
I deeply visualised being passionate with each other.
I performed this visualisation with my eyes closed and opened, staring into the flame of the candles, the sigil and my phone with I thought would do as a makeshift scrying mirror.
I also attempted to communicate telepathically her and I allowed her to have feelings for me and take things further, to get in touch with me and go for that drink she suggested but cancelled.
Anyway, I then asked the Duke to give me a sign that he was listening or present in the room. I saw some of the candles flicker but dismissed it as a coincidence but strangely there was no breeze in the room. Suddenly I felt a chill, litlery within a second or two. The air around me was somewhat different, not the whole room but just around me. I felt this and the chill for a good minute, seemed longer but I think it was a minute.
I was encapsulated with dense air, around me. It felt like nothing I’d experienced before.
I didn’t physically see or hear the great Duke Sallos but I felt overwhelmed and jubilant.
I thanked him with all of my heart. I was in awe of what had happened and it wasn’t if the room just got colder by chance, oh no!!! Something really happened. This wasn’t all in my mind, nor my mind playing tricks on me, this felt very real.

I thanked Duke Sallos, Lord Lucifer, Lord Satan for hearing me.
I respectfully allowed for the Duke to depart should he wish but also request for him to be by my side whenever he wished.

After the evocation, I wasn’t sure if or how I should go about to make an offering and asked Duke Sallos to let me know what he would like.

Man! what an exciting experience, I’m so pleased that ‘something’ happened. As I extinguished the candles with my finger I noticed a slight aura around the sigil, there was a slight glow eminating from it, It wasn’t my eyes tricking me, there definitely was something happening.

I’ve still patiently resisted getting in touch with this love interest though feel that I should try and message her and see how things turn out.

What are your thoughts on this incredible experience?

Kind blessings


Exciting! You should text her at a reasonable time and ask her to go get drinks or something and see what happens.


Yeah you still need to make the first move lol. At least I would think so


Planning to make contact tonight :grinning:

I’m really stoked, has anyone else had a similar experience when evoking Sallos or other demons?


How did your experience go ?

Indeed. Unfortunately, although the original post was exciting and all, the rest of the thread is not much use for readers in terms of learning if there’s no update. This sort of thing also happens frequently: people just don’t follow through. Oh well. (And I do realize that there’s no obligation to update, although the rest of my reasoning still stands.)

Hi Sorry for not updating this post.
Unfortunately, not happened. I’m kinda back to square one again.
I’ve tried to summon Duke Sallos a few times not and not experienced anything like I had that night.

I’m not sure what’s going on, we do talk at work and chat online every now and then but nothing like before.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong or if there is an energy interfering with timing us together.

Oh heck :pensive:

When seeking love it’s best to keep all options open rather than hide under your bed waiting. Spiritual entities can only work with what you give them. If you’re looking for love in a looking-glass world it’s pretty hard to find. Ditto if you’ve locked yourself in your room.

Do your whole ritual again and again. Make a set of chanting beads from either wooden or natural stone beads, threaded together with cotton or silk ribbon. Keep these in an all natural fibre - cotton or silk - draw-string bag, both as an in your pocket reminder and so that you can use them.

Did you somehow just think that Magick, unlike any other discipline, was just so easy?

And don’t tell me, let me guess - you don’t know any banishing ritual(s) or why these are just so important - followed by evoking rituals? And I’m not suggesting banishing any entities with whom you work!

The noble science and art isn’t like grave digging. You don’t start at the top.



I recently made a request of the great Duke Sallos to reunite me with my ex whom is truly the love of my life. Being new to this I read as much as I could and have invoked and evoked the Duke several times. Each time I have the similar experience of the chills. I know that she is soon on her way back, and our second chance is because of this great entity. I have felt that he although likes the respect of the ritual and the formality of calling upon him, he will still answer when spoken to in some form or fashion.

The great duke does like the formality and I enjoy it too. I suggest an offering to him as well. I alway give him a good quality whiskey and leave to for him for a day or two before I drink it myself thanking him for his time.

Great that you are feeling ‘an atmosphere’ as I explained, it felt like I was in a bubble with an entirely different climate from the room that I was in - AMAZING feeling!!
There may be times where nothing happens but keep going buddy and I certainly hope you have the outcome you desire.

I use to love this type of magic, I was obsessed with sleeping with as many women as possible. I eventually directed my magic towards putting me on the path to become extremely good at the Cold Approach. The ability to walk up to any girl anywhere, and strike up a conversation, land a date, and so on. This is a JOURNEY, if you feel called to this consider asking the spirits to aid you on this. Funny enough, the greatest fear most people will ever experience is that moment before deciding to just go for it. CRUSH that fear.