Would You Want Your Corpse Dug Up?

Would you want YOUR corpse dug up after you passed? Just wondering… If not, what would you do in order to try to prevent that? Certain cemeteries are a lot more monitored than others…

Cremate me and then bury me…let 'em figure that shit out.

I honestly wouldn’t care because I’d be dead, but IF I did worry about that I’d just take the steps to ensure I was placed in a sealed vault.

Depends who would be digging me up. If it was some punk 16 y/o I 'd probably be pretty pissed.

If it was a dedicated Magi who wanted to learn something from me, sure why not.

Most recent graves have concrete poured over the coffins. Good luck breaking through all of that before the sun comes up

Just don’t put me in a box when I die. Unless someone manages to get my ass within 3 days of my death, then they’ll have barely anything to use because decomposition just went off on my body. You can also decide to say fuck death and become an immortal

If my children do follow in my footsteps I want them to have access first. If not I plan to be hurried with a book of my own magic formulas and secrets, on the first page I will write a congratulatory note to who ever dug me up, because as Necromaster said it will be very hard work…unless I find out that there is some old family cemetery that I can be placed in instead.

Yes. I want some dumb ass teen wannabe necromancer to try and summon me. Free ticket back to earth. Then jump from body to body.

I’d be okay with this I think. If it was some random stereotypical horror movie drunk kid in a graveyard then naturally I’d play the part. If a magus or even a kid seriously wanting to learn and pursue the path showed up I’d help out. Basically it’s a matter of respect. Show up with some; I’m down. If not, don’t expect things to go well.

I don’t plan to be in the ground. My goal is complete physical ascension (say what you want about the impossibility of such but there is enough anecdotal evidence from Eastern cultures to make me think it is possible). If I fail, my body will be shot into the sun :slight_smile:

Sounds like a plan!

Cremate my ass then toss me over the pacific whilst skydiving.

While Death Metal is blaring!

U-Fig by System of a Down, or Maha Kali by Dissection :wink:

This statement alone should be enough to get that fully realized immortality. I’m with you on this not 1000000%

My body would have to be dug up if those kids ever hope to find the last horcrux…