Would you trust your intuition over logistics?


You’re faced with a hard decision between two pretty good choices

On paper, choice a looks better than the other but your gut says you’ll be much happier with choice b even though you might not realize it at that point

What would you do ? Go with your intuition or more with logistics ?

Or would you rather just flip a coin and leave it up to chance ?

Intuition ofc

That is a tough question and obviously would vary on situations. I normally am a very logical person but I have come to learn that life is messy and things look a lot prettier on paper. Pretty does not always mean good or wise though.

Go with your intuition. What is on paper is not always true. Also…note that your intuition is saying you’ll be HAPPIER with choice B.

That shows you that yes, choice A might be better from other perspectives (money as an example) but you will be unhappy in that situation, whatever it is. So if you care more about stuff like that than happiness…go with A…if you want to be happy and fulfilled…go with B.