Would you join a kid friendly coven? Why or why not?

No. I have nothing against kids, but when they’re around, you have to watch what you say or talk about. I tend to feel restricted in doing so. My ideal environment is where I can talk freely about any subject. Which means that environment is by nature not kid friendly. Plus consider the themes involved with magic. Topics can be mature. Discussions can be sophisticated. And depending on how old the kid is, he or she may feel uneasy about what’s being said or done in a ritual.

I understand that some practitioners are parents, and that parenting is not easy. Though I still believe no one can advance as a magician/witch if everyone is so restricted due to the presence of kids. Some of you may say “Kids are natural magicians” and that may be true, but kids make me feel uncomfortable.

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No, for the same reasons that you mentioned in your first paragraph and they can be annoying as hell.


No. I dont like people much, kids, arguably unless their your own, are the most annoying of the lot. Kids would also be traumatized by a lot of the things I do and I don’t censor my magick


Honestly i feel very similar in the fact they are restrictive but only because Non-parents are expected to parent them.

If they are on a magick server/forum/coven with adults, unless its illegal I’m not their parent and won’t be responsible for them.
Censoring myself is being held responsible.


I definitley believe that there should be an age limit on coven membership, even more so if the coven practices the LHP. Most covens Ive been around wont even consider a person for membership if they are not atleast 18, though Ive heard some except 16 years old or up. Kids may be natural magicians, but a level of maturity must be had to work with the group conciousness.


A while ago, I remember there being a post from some new girl. She said she just turned 18 (uncomfortably said she had thick thighs) and she wanted to know what Lucifer’s type. Then she posted about all of us hooking up. Certainly not very mature.

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No, for the same reasons you said.

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No. While I like my kid, I’m not particularly fond of being around tons of children. Typically that’s something I try to avoid.

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Actually, I might consider it. I’m not looking for a sex magick partner and I already have a husband who doesn’t practice. One is enough, thank you. I like the fact it would be kept low key and not too disturbing. Also, it would be great to meet up with other mom’s and dads. I’m not saying I would definitely be down for it, there are a lots of factors (the people involved, the activities, the distance etc.), but it is something I would consider. Honestly, I prefer to keep the more intense stuff to myself anyway. Demons like to mess it up, and two operators doesn’t work so well as I have come to understand it.


So basically, what I find restrictive is what makes you feel secure. Interesting.

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Do you know her username? I might be able to offer some guidance.

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I think she’s long gone. And I had dibs.

I would never join any coven for any reason or create one. I’m horrible team player, prefer to work alone, but for specific rituals one or two partners more than enough. Kids? Impossible, absolutely out of the question :slight_smile:

I can’t think of more reasons other than the idea itself. For me, just thinking about it long enough to find reasons, is something I’m not capable of doing so I can’t mention any reasons.


I don’t have to take my kid anywhere, if I give her crayons and a paintbrush that’s her magic for the day. I’ve never heard of kid friendly covens but it could probably do the kid good if he were to experience it at that age. So when they’re older they are shaped to appreciate nature and the laws of it.

Even if there were kid friendly covens, it’d probably be Wiccan, and would be considered a communal meetup like Sunday church or visit to the mosque. It’s technically the same thing, the kids were just born into it and some will learn at a young age.


Depends on if the kids are mature enough to handle what I post/do/etc. Otherwise I most likely wouldn’t join one with a kid that’s immature. But I do also kinda find it restrictive if their only way of obtaining information about what they want to learn is on a coven/forum/server that is restricted to 18+. But all in all it depends on if the kid is mature enough. If they are then I wouldn’t give a fuck if I joined with them in it.


I most certainly would join, although being an antibrainwasher[if such is possible] I would be kinda pickish on that.
As for me I am getting ready to create a "satanic’ church, and will definetly want youth. With the ‘christianholy forces’ rampant in schools and everywhere else trying to nab up kids— they need at least a safe place.
but then- I could be wrong.

I would teach children about Asatru personally.

I say this because young children should be taught about heroes to gain a sense of right vs wrong. I identify Satan as a trickster, one who challenges social order. So I think it requires a certain amount of maturity to handle the concept. The ideals and philosophy of satanism can be taken out of context if the person is too immature. And there are various examples of people being assholes in the name of satanism.

Asatru can be used to teach loyalty, honesty, courage, good judgment, respect for others, and personal integrity with out heaven or hell. You’re made to practice these ideals for the sake of getting along.

Once kids grasp this concept, they can learn about the left hand path.


definetly a good place to begin.