Would you hide what you believe if…

Personally yes. Some people when they find out what you can do won’t stop asking you to do stuff for them (and I mean every little thing). I’ve lost friends because of this so I generally keep it to myself.

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Its weird how I would have answered differently two or so years ago. Back then I would have been open-ish about some of my practice when I felt that someone would show genuine interest (divination or metaphysical properties of herbs or stones or whatever).

These days I even deny in the company of other practicioners my involvements and mask certain aspects as interest in historical or cultural aspects. I have found fulfillment in the silent facets of my craft (after a period of painfully obnoxious oversharing of my findings). Plus, I can’t really estimate my future social or professional surroundings and being labeled as one of “those” people could damage certain aspects of my future mundane endeavours.


No I wouldn’t and didn’t, if people didn’t like it so be it, how I am. And if I need something or want something, my belief and magic, did what I needed so I don’t need to pretend or hide who I am, or belief in for the fact I know I can get and receive what I needed. I wouldn’t fake who I was, for anyone, or anything, even friends and family. Being a pretender and fake isn’t my moral. complete strangers are a different story, I feel people out first before I’ll over share anything with them. If I can’t be me around them, I turn and walk away, from them.

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I learned to be a self preserving ambitious Slytherin growing up because of trauma being who I am.

Hiding the fact I was gay was hard enough in rural small town Texas so hiding magic came naturally.

It has it’s purpose but as of now I’m learning to be the opposite and show my true colors.

Like a few lines from EAs channeling of Sorath the sun demon.

Sorath: “My power is that all men know, whether they love me or they hate me that I am here and I will give them all of my self. Those who enjoy my warmth may praise me and those who are scorned or who my light unveils may curse me. None of these matter at all to me for I simply give, I give. Give your all of your blessings and all of your curses and all of who you are to the world, over and over. Never rising nor setting more early because some may praise you or because some may curse you.”

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Yes :+1:t2:


Definitely no for me. My family is catholic. I have no friends so that one isn’t an issue. In the work place, beliefs are not spoken about. I only discuss my practice with my boyfriend. He got me into magick. Im still new to it all but i have no need or desire to discuss it outside of my relationship or this forum.