Would Lucifer Be Offended If You Also Worked With Angelic Rituals?

Good topic, I just feel the dark angels respond faster than the angelic angels…just my opinion and experience everyone is different I’m gonna keep a eye on this thread


Hello angelb1083 , can you help summon Arch Angel rapheal for healing

Yes of course. I am pretty good with healing/oils/herb Magick myself maybe I can’t help you with some things to try in the meantime too?

Ok thank, but the Angel is what can really solve this issue, that why I need you to contact him, I need it so urgent

Should I send my picture,

All I need you to do, isn evoke thee angel , to heal me, and probably show the Angel my picture.,. be if possible.

The Angel will understand what I need , if He sees me,. I will explain for you later what actually happened

I really need urgent uhelp

Send me your mail address

If you give me a little I can DM you so you can tell me everything.

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Kindly help post he link to the intro section

I was attacked by s spirit being ,

Simply go to the main index page and click the grey button on the right that says “New Topic.” Choose the “New Magician” section from the category drop down menu, and make your introduction.

Lucifer understands more things than you can possibly fathom.


@Elidaxziel, @Angelb1083, Hi guys and girls is this solved?

Elidaxziel. Use the search button. You can easily find Raphael’s sigil.

  1. Write down the data and what you need healing for
  2. Meditate
  3. Chant his name 9 times (in 3’s) Ra-Pha-El
  4. Say what you want/need
  5. End with Amen or So Mote It be (or both). Amen means the same :wink:

Or write a letter of intend to him:


Now back to topic. @Jak is right. Lucifer has a role and in this, he works with Angels and Daemons.
So he would be the last one to stop you working with them.

If you have a pact with Lucifer I would always ask if you can work with another deity. Daemon or Angel and what your goal would be. In a working relation with Lucifer it’s wise to talk about such things.


I have never been a fan of pacts and covenants. I ask cooperation.

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That’s fine, you can learn a lot from that alone!

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Yea I sent a DM to see if I can help :slightly_smiling_face:

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When you get to the age where you joints pop and click all the time, tendons pull and get hurt, and body feels arthritic then you contemplate healing all the time. I’m mid age and I feel like my body is far older. Stress probably is the main cause though maybe diet. I guess my vitamin regime isn’t doing much and exercise I usually end up in injury. I’m probably going to have to go very very basic and limited exercise which seems odd. I’d hate to think I have an illness but my current medical care wouldn’t tell me nor do tests since I fall under the poverty line (yeah doctors just say ice, IB, elevate, rest for everything). I find it pointless to even bother with the doctors anymore.

Thank you

Welcome @LassireneSimbi Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

No. He couldn’t care less.

Demons and angels are actually a hop skip and a toss away from each other.


NOOO bro he doesnt care

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