Would like to hear your thoughts on this Candle (Flame)

Hi all,

I have been away a while. Only reading not posting :slight_smile:Hope u are all good!
Today I did this Break Up Candle Spell with Assistance of Asmoday.
What I found was first a steady high flame, then for a while a very small flame - around the throats of the targets and then this huge flame (almost like a bonfire) appeared and burned the candle down pretty fast.

I was blown away by that. Ur thoughts?

thx lovelies :slight_smile:


That looks (on first sight) that your working was quiet a succes.
Just hope that the effects are

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Thank you :slight_smile: I must add that the woman had a lot of drops (tears) on her side and he burned down completely. On the left side there was a bit of her left, covered with tears of wax. But this huge flame was fascinating :smiley:


Yeah, definately appears that you have a good relationship with Asmodae there. Thats really cool. Asmodias is a powerful god, hes the first demon i witnessed first hand. He played a big role in my life there for a while, this demon can build walls let me tell you. Congrats on the good connection :slight_smile::metal:

Sounds great :slight_smile: thank youuuu!

I’d wait and see if it worked, but that looks like a pretty good sign to me!