Would it be safe to just make someone disappear but not harm them?

I don’t want this person physically harmed or emotionally harmed. I just want them to fuck off far away from my ex and I. I’m a bit scared of doing anything in case something more than I hope for happens - but they caused problems and I would like them removed from being able to cause any more problems ever


There is tons and tons of stuff in hoodoo magick you can do safely. Very simple, safe and easy. Two of the popular ones are below -

1.Freezer spell is one of the easiest. This worked for me so well.
2. Using hotfoot powder on them is by far the most popular with success rate. You can purchase hotfoot powder for less than $5 from any occult store or online. My annoying neighbor left me alone literally overnight once I put the hotfoot powder in her mailbox.

Goodluck. If I find anything once I go home from my hoodoo magick book, I will let you know.


Hello, I have doubts regarding preparation of Hotfoot Powder. I have already done the spell and prepared the powder but I feel the Chilli powder i have added is not very spicy. can i add the spicy chilli powder to already prepared receipe or should I redo the spell all over again? This is very important for me currently, if you can let me know quickly it will help.


Just keep on adding! It’s fine! No need to do all over again.