Would it be possible to create an Egregore with a Psionic Machine?

I thought about creating an Egregore with a Pssionic Machine and therefore, influencing a larger group of people mentally. Is that even possible and what would be the best way to address a matter like this one?

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Yes, I am designing stuff like that constantly.


But how exactly do you connect that Egregore, would you use a sigil or simply write it down?
Many say you cannot influence larger groups of people, which is of course nonsense. You can do anything.


Indeed, and it is not even hard to create entities that do that.
I personally engrave the sigils of the servitors into the part of the machine that house the egregore.

Best way is to make one master egregore you interact with and then make servant egregores that make things happen.

Much like bees and ants.

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Wow, sorry for being so ignorant. Does it mean you need to create a machine specifically for that and then create new thought forms, f.ex,. a sigil or Seal of Solomon and write down your goal?
I never used Psionic Machines this way.

No need to be sorry, my man, we are all learning. :smiley:

What I did was that I implemented a master servitor into my altar, then adding a plate to “connect” it with the spell I was doing, and making it assist me in spellwork.
It runs sub-routines as well, and co-ordinate with subservient servitors to do stuff.

One side of the altar connection plate.

I call myself an artificer, so I always overdo everything, but you could easily do similar things by merely writing or even as a mere evocation verbally.

Everything written and drawn are tethers and windows, and you can get fairly creative in how you carry out these tethers and windows.

You could, theoretically, make servitors using nothing but words and sounds, and form the spells like songs and music.


Love it, very interesting and beautifully implemented. Thank you

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You’re a real artist


I know absolute jack shit about psionics, but damn that is pretty.


I think this is not connected to a Psionic Machine, but helpful anyway.

Well, psionics are fundamental in the way I design the spells I do, it took me some time to reply bigger as I got a bit distracted.

The altar is not just an altar, it is a charged node and center for my arcane machinations.

To elaborate, spells are by their basis a reaction, much like fire.
Fire need fuel, oxygen, and heat.
Spells are intention, will, and emotion.

Here is the thing about servitors; they are kind dumb.
They are blobs of psychic energy, who are nowhere close to the ability of a human, or even a deity.

By infusing them into a physical vessel, they come somewhat less closer to us, because they are tethered to something.
As time goes by, and you work with this entity, its mental image will develop, and it will become less off a blob of energy, and more defined in its existence.

What I do is that I take this blob of energy, and give it form in the shape of a pattern, and the altar itself is just a physical representation of that pattern.
To illustrate, the plate itself is put into a carved space of the altar, from that point, the resident servitor flow outwards, into the rest of the pattern, activating all of its parts along the way.

When a new servitor need to be made, I merely add the master servitor’s seal to the new servitor, and abracadabra, now I have more servitors, all aligned to my will.

This is just one of many devices I utilize, all brought into synergy.


Yes, you can. It’s not hard, either. Charles Cosimano explained how he does it in his manuals, which you can get on his site. @Linuriel_Starborn is also on point in creating master/slave relationships between his thoughtforms. When you do the work that way, it’s much more organized.

Some machines allow you to open them and put your sigils inside the machine. I have 2 that i can work with in that way, but i’ve never taken the time to do it. I should experiment more with using them in that way, and probably will, based on this post.


Contrary to popular opinion, i have found it EASIER to influence large groups with radionics and psionics than individuals. When it comes to influencing groups, you don’t have to bind. Set the trend and send it out. Influencers within a group take up the trend of heir own accord, and others follow their lead due to FOMO. Due to this, group influence doesn’t require overriding stubbornness or pushback. With influencing individuals, you usually have to override some type of resistance, which can sometimes lead to a time-wasting tug-of-war as you jockey for position. Group influence is therefore much easier to accomplish.

I cut my teeth on doing large-scale magick. It’s a lot of fun, experiment with it and see where it takes you.


Exactly, magick dealing with many parts and dealing with larger scale of influence is a lot of fun.


So interesting, thank you guys.

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Its also possible to create a master servitor and several subordinate servitor. The master can be a representation of your will and because it knows what you want it can degilate tasks to the subordinates.

This guy also describes how he uses Remote Influencing on individuals, but never tried it on groups. Interesting to know that Radionics has the opposite effect and works better on larger groups.

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