Would it be offensive to the Dark Gods (demons) if I were to shout them out in my songs?

I agree, and no never, I never ask them for anything, however I do have connections with them that lingered over to this life from prior to reincarnation and I needed to confirm somethings through them.

I never did either

who is Anu in your opinion

Anu is himself. Father of the Annunaki, husband of Ki.

but in relation to the creative principle regarding humanity I mean

I don’t believe they have a connection to humanity besides some humans choosing to worship them. I don’t follow stitchin’s reconstructed view, nor do I really view these beings needing to be correlated to humanity besides some humans choice to reach out to them and in turn worship them either to thank them for something or because of some other personal reason as we do with any beings really.

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I see, but i do wonder if it was them who gave us an evolutionary push, someone definetly did

I wouldn’t deny that as I believe in a mix of creationism and evolution. I would go to believe each pantheon could of done so as each area had their own faith in different Gods and Goddesses, even some cave paintings here and there depicted such. So it’s probable.

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Nah. Unless it’s with the intent of insulting them, you’re good.