Would it be offensive to the Dark Gods (demons) if I were to shout them out in my songs?

lol, i know they already do this in hollywood but still…lol

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It depends on your shout outs. If you would say “Lucifer, your socks smell weird!” it MIGHT come off as offensive, yes

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nah just general shout out, like my homie Belial, or My teacher lucifer lol

Mentioning someone by name in any piece of art is a form of flattery. As long as you’re respecful… but we shouldn’t even mention that since it is way too obvious.

whats way too obvious? lol

That if you’re respectful, people (or spirits, or angels, or demons or superheroes) won’t be offended.

ahh ok lol true, i just thught it might have been disrespectul to even mention them lol


Look mate, I’m a writer. I haven’t done any shoot outs to spirits, but I’ve done it to people. Guess what? THEY LOVE IT. So you’re good.

Why do people care so much about whether or not spirits are concerned about being mentioned in songs or movies or whatnot?

Guess what? They don’t. It’s only people who get hung up on such things.

You can sing “Lucifer sucks my dick all night long” and they won’t give a toss. Why? Because it gets people saying their name and brings them power and prestige.

King Paimon has told many people flat out that he did not care about how he was portrayed in the movie Heredity because it brought his name into the mass consciousness, thus bringing more people to work with him.

The LHP is NOT a religion, and while the religious minded among us might take offence at a song proclaiming that Lucifer sucks dick, I’m pretty sure a timeless entity isn’t really bothered by it.


still…i had to ask

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Lucifer ? dark god ?

ONTOPIC: i think this is more like glamour posession, why you WILL to use their name in your song ? I dont think they will get mad to you or anything, just probaby grinn to your bottom-motives :slight_smile:

but if you do art with them, why it wouldnt be okay to shout them out, or name some of your work to them, etc :slight_smile: I think most tryhards have already been completed :stuck_out_tongue:

You can sing “Lucifer sucks my dick all night long” and they won’t give a toss. Why? Because it gets people saying their name and brings them power and prestige.

I think any conciouss being “protects” their name, since name and personality and outlooks is actually godsoul, you dont seem to understand what “worship” of “dark” gods actually consists…

well lucifer has many faces i think, but yes youre right hes the light bringer first i think, when i said dark gods i meant others lol

Most of those faces aren’t his, but faces people tried to force on him, such as the claim of Set and Loki being faces of Lucifer. So far I’ve only found one of his actual faces to be Enki.

really, Enki? how come?

why not Anu?

I’ve met Anu and Lucifer at the same time, however, when evoking Enki, Lucifer came, Lucifer has always had ties to Lilith, Lilith is from the Sumerian pantheon and she was always linked to Enki. Everytime I evoked Enki, he would come, when I’d scan to make sure it wasn’t a fake or a being trying to screw with me, the energy at its core remained the same.

the Anunnakis contacted me, but in a different way

I usually project to them, rather than invocation or evocation.

did they ever give you… gifts?

theyre good beings, I love them, but every Family has its problems lol lmao

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